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  1. I clearly see your stand - that's why ity was suggested to make it sticky. I consider discussion is closed but let's keep poll open.
  2. Well, I guess thousands and millions of IB users should find something you may want to copy. What's your pleasure LUK? :-) Can't believe you use "reliability" as an excuse. DiscCopy has been in place for ages and I'm sure the guy who capable to put together such thing as IB will be able to figure out how to do disc copy right. Come on, give yourself some credit, will you? Anyway, let me take advantage of poll feature here. Since you seem not to have any strong opinion against DiscCopy maybe we can collect number of responses sufficient to change your mind and help you suffering users :-)
  3. Thanks, found it (Prefer Properly Formatted Discs)
  4. When data is written to RW discs ImgBurn always does full erase even though disc is already formatted. No quick erase option. Process takes quite long (up 30 minutes). Just for comparison Nero doesn't need erase if RW is blank and can quick-erase RW in under 2 minutes. Thanks!
  5. Hi LUK! There were a few topics on the subject and you’ve provided definitive NO as an answer. However you’ve never mentioned the reasoning behind. Considering missing DiscCopy a major difference between ImgBurn and other similar projects I believe your thinking should be explained and may be even sticky-posted. ImgBurn is super-featured s/w and making disc copy with it is quite simple (save to ISO write from ISO). Yet it’s quite inconvenient: - takes twice the time - requires spare space on HD (up to 50GB for dual-layer BD) - requires extra user action (right at the middle of the process, e.g. in 2 hours at 1x) I guess we all got used to it and consider it as a small price for the rest of ImgBurn. Yet if we could convince you to change your mind … (I’m trying to mimic Rome’s emperor repeating over and over “Carthage should be destroyed” :-) Thanks for the great s/w! P.S. Considering there are copyright concerns - DiscCopy doesn't always mean illegal copy. For example I quite often need to make a copy of data and send it to the field.
  6. Even R+W would be nice - saves times, so one can run disc copy with one click and go to sleep. Of couse the best solution would be to do transperant copy with minimum buffering so copy can be done even if there is no space for full image (talking about 25GB BD) I respect LUK's decisions and thankful to him for providing us this exceptional tool for free. At the same time I'd like to use this opportunity to ask (or beg) him to reconsider. Disc Copy is very useful feature
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