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  1. Seems like you are right about this issue not being caused by Imgburn: I removed it and installed CD burner XP, and the same thing happens with it, so Imgburn is not the culprit. Still, for some reason the settings gets reset every time I launch a program. This happens only for .iso / disc images so far, but it's pretty annoying. You said "xplorer has its own way of dealing with default file associations": is there something beside the "Open with" menu entry and the "Default programs" in control panel? I'll give a shot to process monitor, maybe it could help me. If you can give me some pointers I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. mmm, HKCR\.iso doesn't have anything in it, it's just empty. It' strange. I'm absolutely certain that when I open and close Imgburn the "ImgBurn.AssocFile.xxx" stuff gets re-created, and it puzzles me. I'm not saying it's Imgburn, but it happens after launching it so somehow it should be related. I know it's something not really Imgburn related, I mean related to what the program does, but still... Do you have any idea of what may be going on? I'll try removing Imgburn completely, cleaning the registry by hand and reinstalling, but it doesn't make sense to me, so any help would be good for me.
  3. I'm on a win7 x64 PC, last Imgburn, and I'm experiencing something strange. I wanted to customze the icon shown for .iso files, but I noticed that while I can change it Imgburn seems to revert the setting upon being launched. So I disabled any association in Imgburn,and changed the icon again, but as soon I open the iso with Imgburn the setting is gone, and I'm back with the default icon. Then I went into the registry, and noticed the ImgBurn.AssocFile.iso -classes: I tried modifying the icon there, but same thing happens, as soon as I launch Imgburn, icon is reset. Also, if I delete one of those entries, Imgburn recreates them, and this shouldn't be, since I disabled shell integration (Imgburn shouldn't touch them). Is it possible to fix this "possessive" behaviour? Thanks. Here is a screenie of my registry setting: http://www.imagebam.com/image/0b5a72330968249.
  4. Ok, I can confirm that turning off the 'Capture Graph Data' option in the Settings is a working workaround. It also solves the crash on verifying a disc against an image, which I just confirmed will produce the same issue if that option is enabled. Thanks a lot. And long live to uber-old OSes! XD
  5. wow. lost halfway in the explanation of the delphi thing, still almost got it. now, I'll try the suggested workaround later when I'll be on the "offending box", if it works I'm happy, since I never used the graph data thing. I'll never ask to break support, but I'm curious, what OS are you talking? w95/w98? I hope not XP... it's still just a middle-aged OS...
  6. I'm not really sure if it's a bug or something else, but something is wrong, so I'll post here. It's years since I use this app to burn my stuff, and it never had an issue, nor made coaster. Now, whith this new burner... well, it throws an error at me as soon I try to burn. (attached debug log, removed sensitive stuff) I was trying to burn an .iso file, and so I supposed it was something with it, or the version of imgburn I was using. I upgraded the imgburn, but nothing. Then I tried using CDBXP, and it succedeed, so I suppose the image is ok. (I manually checked the data) Now, the only thing that I can think off is that the DVD burner is a sata one (I previously used a IDE one), and is faked as IDE by the bios. Maybe imgburn doesn't like it? Is this possible to fix? bugreport.txt
  7. k, thanks for the info. it's not something I -need- -now-, since imgburn already does what I want it to do. and it's so tiny
  8. too bad, thanks anyway for letting me know. will multisession be added in the future or it's not something planned?
  9. I tried searching around, but I couldn't find a way to write an image (.iso image, a linux livecd) and leave the disc open (to add some extra data to it). basically I need to write an iso image file leaving the cd open, then adding some file to it in another session. but I can't even find how to tell imgburn to leave it open Can someone please help me? Thanks.
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