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  1. rolex

    XPS 1530

    I've tried to find a firmware update to my TEAC DVD+-RW DVW28SLC but it seams impossible? Anyone who knows where to look?
  2. rolex

    Laptop or Desktop

    Im thinking of buying a Dell XPS Studio 1530 with a blu-ray burner. The burners in laptops are the similar to the ones in a desktop? If you use your burner quite alot and whants something really good would the one mentioned above do? (I asked something almost the same earlier but two of my posts have disapeared)
  3. Read post 2 and 3 in this thread again. Your log shows you burning at 4x and it took the correct amount of time for that speed. Alright, maybe the time doesnt differ that much butthe first like three minutes was at below 1x. The burner on this laptop said max8x I think so I chose 4x. It was even idle a couple of times during those 3min (down to 0x). Do you see any reason for that? And Ive been looking for the firmware update to this drive but I cant find it. Maybe thats one possible solution?
  4. What is the SPTD for? The best thing is to completely remove or? It seams like the problem was my xbox360. It didnt want to read at all and a couple of days later it broke down with three red lamps. I tried burning on my laptop with 2500 and it looks like it works. I have the warning on that one as well but the burning goes without problem as well as on the desktop (I think). The burning was very slow thats all. It took tice as much time as normal. Does the log say anything about that or anything else that dont look good?ImgBurn.log
  5. The log file doesnt say any error. It only says what many others have shown. What it says to many I guess from the start. But the result with 2500 is an unreadable disc and with 2420 its not? You want to see the log anyway?
  6. The log doesnt say anything more than the warning from the beginning. The burning continues without interruption but the result is crap. Im now using the previous version wich works fine. I can't find the post I think I made a couple of days ago about this but why is the sptd necessary and an improvement?
  7. So what is all I should do to make the 2500 work? I tried burning something with it today with a useless result. Uninstalling Daemon Tools and getting Virtualclone instead? What more? Why is this update so necessary?
  8. rolex

    I tried to burn on a philips with cmc layer (i know its crap) with the new and got a dvd unable to watch. After 20min it wasnt possible to read. Ive run it through verification and it went OK. I tried burning on a rw verbatim with the old decrypter and it worked fine. It did with the older as well. First it complains about language (i have swedish), and then it says W 03:41:31 SPTD can have a detrimental effect on drive performance.
  9. rolex


    ok. But is there any risk of braking anything? The only thing that can happen is that the disk is unplayable or?
  10. rolex


    I know that the LB always should be set to 1913760 when making a xbox 360 backup (according to all forums about xbox 360 anyway) so if I leave the .dvd or do it manually doesnt matter? The only function the .dvd has is to tell the LB?
  11. rolex


    Does it matter if I select the .dvd-file or the ISO/img-file? If there is a dvd-file in the same folder imgburn says something about that it will choose the .dvd-file for me but that it is the last time and I should remember it to the next time. If I then erase or move the .dvd-file from the folder and choose the iso/img-file it says nothing and continues with the burning. So whats the .dvd-file for if I manually set the layerbreak to what it suppose to be? Thats what I know its for...
  12. rolex

    Log file

    I compared our settings but they are all the same. Strange...
  13. rolex

    Log file

    Well I assumed that was where to look but I didnt find it. It says nothing about my previously failed burnes...
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