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  1. Hey, yes you are totally right, it is blocking other access. I did indeed try Sophos, was just as effective as everything else so far (read = zero). Sophos saw some files, but they were in temp directories and it wouldn't let me delete them, and I don't think it would have mattered anyway. Amazing I still have any hair left after trying to fix this the past few days! I started my backup tonight just in case I go that route reformatting. Looking like a good option so far! Currently, don't need to burn anything on my player (I can use it for everything BUT burning), so I am holding out in case someone figures something out in the next day or so. I just don't know where to look for more help and I am not good enough to dig into my own system and be productive... Kevin
  2. I have AVG Anti-Virius store-bought. I ran full scan tonight, with Rootkit scan (you have to tell AVG to do this, it's the only option turned off on the scan that you have to manually tell it to do). Anyway, did a full scan, AVG didn't see anything unfortunately. RootRepeal crashes at startup on my computer also. MAN, I wish I was more computer savvy. I am just about ready to backup all, and then format and begin anew, but seems like such an overkill against one virius that "seems" to only want to mess with my burner and nothing else... Kevin MBAM detected nothing. Avast and AVG Free also found nothing. I read somewhere AVG rootkit was able to detect some of the files. Does anybody have the paid version to confirm this?
  3. Yeah, there is for sure a new variant to this problem. I had the TDSS rootkit problem about 3 weeks ago, went to forum here, did just what Lighting UK said to do, and boom - no problem, wiped out the bad .sys file and everything worked perfectly. Today - same problem rose up again (so I thought). Malwarebytes 1.39 found the files, deleted them, but THIS time, made zero difference. Same problem is there, can't get to my burner with Nero, ImgBurn, etc. It's a new, way tougher variation of the rootkit problem everybody is discussing here (maximum number of secrets...etc). Sigh. Have no idea what to do now...
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