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  1. I think i found a way to fix the issue. Well it worked for me at least XD. anyways go to http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,...escription.html and download "AVG anti rootkit" and then after installing, run scan and delete the rootkits that have been detected. Then it will prompt you to restart, follow their instructions and after restarting, the rootkit should be removed. NOTE: it will also prompt you to download the AVG rootkit protection program right after restarting. it is up to you to say yes or no. for me i chose no and continued on. hope this helps ^^
  2. sorry for double posting but just incase this helps, my computer can detect the DVD and i can burn standard files onto it (i.e drag files to DVD) but the programs i use to burn DVDs can not detect it (i.e ImgBurner, UltraISO, etc...)
  3. so far i've tried every single method that was posted in this topic as well as the links provided. But saddly, nothing seems to work. No matter what i try, i get the same resault with my ImgBurner, even my UltraISO isnt working properly. Aside from re-formatting are there any other suggestions XD P.S For some reason I can detect the malwares but I cant disable and remove the files with GMER as shown on the link.
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