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  1. damn thats weird... i changed to 4x and after 5:30 min exaclty it started to burn.. kevdriver, i went to the lg website and their latest firmware avaible was A208, where did u see A209?
  2. ok there we go file in attachment please help me note: it's weird because it get stuck in the "Writing LeadIn..." and sometimes after a while it start to burn and sometimes it just get errors like the one in the log ImgBurn.log
  3. i'm getting the same error! I just bought a 25 dvd-r pack, the 2 first worked fine but the rest (23) is pissing me off it says that cant write the lead in and show this error wtf is going on? i bet its the mediai updated my dvd burner driver, aspi, asapi i aslo tryed to burn on linux.. and now all of a sudden i got this in the same dvd: ????????? what can be wrong? thanks
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