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  1. So all I need is the following program, instead of IMGTOOL? http://www.andante.org/mkisofs.html Can I assume that the following scenario is the proper big picture of the flow you have detailed? After some user interaction to select a LB, PGCEDIT modifies the specific IFO file, for the VOB set that contains the LB. Then, calls MKISOFS.EXE in which it takes the IFO, BUP, and VOB files and creates an ISO image. Finally, PGCEDIT calls IMGBURN, without giving you the MDS file. But you scan the ISO file and locate the LB flag inside the IFO file and burn the DVD. As a suggestion, if the last sentence is true, it would be nice if PGCEDIT were to give you information that would negate the necessity to search for the LB, FWIW! Thanks, GParent P.S. You have started a quest for me to learn more about Layer Break and what DVD Players do with or without them.
  2. I am soaking up your perals of wisdom here. I am investing a half-dozen DVD+R DL Verbatims to experiment and learn how to do this properly. So far, the best formula is: PGCEDIT - LB Identifier IMGTOOL - ISO creator IMGBURN - Write and Verify DL Disc That group of programs gets the job done, and I am confident the final result will be spot on! First, a couple of quick questions to you LIGHTNING UK: (1) Does IMGTOOL CLASSIC create a MDS file that PGCEDIT pases to IMGBURN? (2) Which Program puts the LB flag, that you select in PGCEDIT, into the appropriate IFO file? (3) Is there a way to have IMGBURN automatically process the ISO file after PGCEDIT calls it upon completion of IMGTOOL CLASSIC? Lastly, during my experimenting I did backup a DVD after some VOB BLANKER trimming. In addition, the original LB was removed by CLONEDVD2 and I burned it with COPYTODVD. However, using IFOEDIT I could not find a LB flag in the IFO file. Yet, I was able to play the DVD and it seemed to burn without a hitch. At the time, I thought COPYTODVD was going to do what PGCEDIT can do. Apparently, its not capable of generating new LB flags. Why does it work with no LB flag in the IFO file? I was able to navigate forward and backward with no hangs. I have read where the LB flag is only needed to do backward navigation from Layer 1 to Layer 0. Any thoughts?
  3. >> If the selected position didn't have the flag set, ImgBurn sets it. >>Burning then continues. >> Of course none of that needs to happen if the user is burning from an MDS file where the layerbreak info is already contained within it. By the last statement, I assume you mean that IMGBURN was used to create an ISO file of the original DVD and therefore, has a MDS file with the specifics of what was just created, and then a duplicate could be pproperly copied onto a DL media. What about a scenario where a program like DVDSHRINK were used to strip out subtitles and audio files and maybe a few titles being reworked. The output size would still be over one layer. This would essentially change the sector positioning as it was from the original DVD. Then, DVDSHRINK would strip the original LB flag. In that case, can I use IMGBURN to add a new LB and properly burn the image. NOTE: Based on your reply I would say YES, but I would love a confirmation or please point out any errors in my thinking. Incidentally, you're the only one on planet earth who even responed to my questions. Thanks for that. Gary
  4. The more I read about Dual Layer, Layer Break, and how they work, I have more questions. I am unsure of the Layer Break code and who has responsibility for plaing it in a video file. Based on my limited understanding, the builder of the DVD (eg. commercial movie) is responsible for placing a LB code in a VOB file at a stratgic place where the delay between Layer 0 and Layer 1 is not annoying to the person watching the movie. IMHO, this would ideally be between cells (chapters). However, it can technically be any where that meets the DVD standards for LB placement. Does IMGBURN insert a LB code on the DL DVD? If yes, how does IMGBURN go about inserting a Layer Break into a Dual Layer DVD? Do you have to strategically place one Layer Break code manually in a VOB file, if the original LB code has been stripped out by another program? What if there is no Layer Break code in any VOB, how does IMGBURN handle the Layer Break? Thanks, Gary
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