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  1. It happens when a window partially obscures IB's window as well. However... I discovered something. Anytime this happens, if I simply click anywhere on the desktop, the completed message window appears! Weird! At least I know a workaround now.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Running WinXP SP2, ATI Radeon Xpress 1150, driver ver I have two systems connected through a multi-monitor KVM switch, but this box is single monitor only, the other one is but not the one with the problem. The enter key works sometimes, but more often not. I haven't figured out why it does sometimes & sometimes not... yet. This issue only occurs if there's any window that covers the IB window. I haven't tried it partially covered yet and will get back to you.
  3. I've used Imgburn for a number of years and just started using today and every time at the conclusion of a READ or WRITE function when there's another window active (ex: browser window, etc), IMGBurn does NOT display the small info box that has the OK button when Imgburn's main interface pops to front. Clicking any area on the interface results in a "ding"... as if the small info box mentioned earlier is behind the main interface waiting to be OK'd, but it's not. Usually I have to force quit out of Imgburn because there's no other way to continue working unless it's closed then re-started. None of the other versions behaved this way and I may have to revert back to the previous version. Anyone else have this issue?
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