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  1. needing an external drive to read discs on a laptop is kind of counter productive. the replacement drive works, guess something must have broken on the drive.
  2. yea i think the drive is just going, annoying as the warranty ran out not too long ago. buying a replacement
  3. well, did a fresh install of XP through SP2, still not working, guess I'll try to replace the cables and see if that does anything.. god this sucks...
  4. yea but the cable itself might have developed an issue
  5. yea I'm pretty sure the drive can only run up to ultra mode 2. I'm going to try upgrading to SP2 with it's fixes later this week when I have time. If that doesn't work I'll see about replacing the cable. I'll provide an update then, thanks for all your help.
  6. yea my usb ports won't run at 2.0 when sp2 is installed. I wiped the harddrive and did a fresh install about 6 months ago. Dvd drive stopped working correctly last Sunday.
  7. yea I've done everything, except the regedit, numerous times at this point. The drive say it's running in dma ultra mode 2, but still doesn't burn faster than 2.1 , still has problems reading discs. my os is xp sp1 drive is _NEC nd-6500a
  8. flashed the bios, uninstalled imgburn and xpburner.. still doesn't work. If I buy a new burner will it work or is this an issue outside of the burner?
  9. it only seems to be reading between .5 and 1x. I don't get it, how do I fix this thing?
  10. its an _NEC burner, I downloaded dvdinfopro, not sure what I'm supposed to do for a read test
  11. It is a dell laptop. inspiron 9200, bout a year old. the bios is 7 pages, none of em seem to have anything about transfer mode windows definitly thinks it has DMA mode. primary channel is ultra dma 5 and secondary is ultra dma 2
  12. I can't seem to find anything in the bios for setting DMA mode
  13. so then basically I'm boned? I'm kind of curious as to why it became an issue
  14. Ok, so I've burned about 50-60 dvd images, all of a sudden a few days ago the burner won't go faster than 2.1. I'm using the same media, burning the same files. My drive is 4x and the discs are 8x. I have always used the MAX speed. I upgraded to newest imgburn was already at newest firmware tried different media increased buffer to 256mb uninstalled controller it still runs at 2.1x max, and when I move a window around it drops almost instantly down under 1.0x. the ISO's are kept on a separate drive from my OS. what could be going on? And why did it start doing this out of the blue?
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