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  1. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=11259 I need help in buying a new driver, i need one that will defenetly burn wii games. Please help me i dont want to spend too much money, thaks ahead.
  2. The problem was in both before and after the crossflash. I installed the firmware on the last treis it sasy "1-09". And another thing, i tried on a HP dvd-r discs and the burner doesnt even read them is says the tray is empty, and with hp dvd+r it reads the discs. Help Plz
  3. tnx for the update. But still same problem.. What can i do
  4. those are te discs i have http://www.verbatim-europe.co.uk/en_1/prod...d-brand_39.html
  5. ; //****************************************\\ ; ImgBurn Version - Log ; יום
  6. Hi everybody. I need help in burnning wii games. I tried burned them with imgburn on Hp discs and the burn proccess was fine but the game is not wirking. I saw in many plcaes that i should try Verbatim discs so i tried. and now i cant burn at all. it says "power calibration error", i have a screen shot and log but i cant add them right now. i have a NEC ND-3551A which i upgraded to NEC ND-4551A. someone can please help me?
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