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  1. Ok, first no I didn't deliberately check "shutdown when finished" or have it auto-checked from the settings. I usually burn in batches, 10+ discs at a time. Occasionally I will cancel between burns, but not close the program, if I want to pause burning for a while. Twice when I have canceled between jobs I got the "save Queue List?" prompt. The first time I wasn't sure why I was getting it, but I said yes and saved the Queue to be safe. Immediately after saving the program closed and shutdown my computer. The second time this happened I clicked Cancel and was returned to the main program window as normal, then later continued burning the rest of the Queue. When it was done burning the queue I was back at the main program window and I just closed the program like normal. It then proceeded to shutdown my computer. The last time it happened I did notice the "shutdown" checkbox was checked somehow, perhaps that box got focus when I wasn't aware and I checked it somehow, I'm not sure. I unchecked it before the job finished and continued burning the Queue. I'm not sure if this is some kind of bug, or perhaps just a UI problem that is causing it. I will sometimes pause the burning to play a game and I'll occationally alt-tab out, which can be problematic, so perhaps that is playing into it, I don't know. I haven't tried to recreate the problem. Luckily I haven't lost any work because of these accidental shutdowns. Regardless of the cause, I think it would be nice if the program had a countdown to shutdown with the option to abort.
  2. Please do not mock my lazyness. It's a curse I tell you! A CURSE!
  3. I love the burn queuing abilities of ImgBurn. What I would like is a delete image button for the previously burned disc on the page that pops up between jobs. You might say that I should just check the delete image check box when burning, but the problem is my burner is horrible at aborting a bad burn. It just stubbornly burns thru it, burn quality be damned. Since ImgBurn knows no better it then deletes the image file when the burn is done. I would like to be able to delete the image after the job is done, but don't feel comfortable doing it automatically and I'm so lazy I don't want to go delete it manually. PS. Great program Lightning_UK. It's good to see some of the quality code from Decrypter live on.
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