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  1. Hi Gents My writing speed is down to 7X from 16X The only way I can get it back is by a clean reinstall of XP with sp1. If I install sp2 or sp3, the speed is decreased. I do notice that the writer buffer is not keeping up when this decrease occurs. I don't think its going into PIO mode, as the speed doesn't totally choke. This is what I have done so far..... Clean XP install added sp1 everything fine at 16X added sp3 speed choked to 8X and hardware buffer can't keep up Check DMA (DMA mode 4) Reinstalled IDE driver Reinstalled USB driver Reinstalled VGA driver Installed new IDE cable Installed new Hard drive Switched Ram Tried 2 DVD writers (both were working) LG and Pioneer Master HD on one channel, Writer on the other channel Cleaned the heat sinks New power supply My system is: P4 2.8ghz ECS 661fx-m motherb SIS chipset 1 gig ram 160 hd Pioneer DVR-116D v1.09 writer Imgburn 2500 I only use Verbatim and Tayo (both did the same) Is there any hope for me! Thanks in advance
  2. would I be wise to try the MS default drivers for the chipset, and if so, which drivers are they?
  3. Hi Cynthia Either will fail. I have tried to limit speed to 16X but makes no difference. It never happens on the first or second write. Its only on multiple writes over 3. Thanks in advance Schem
  4. Hi I have searched but can't find my issue addressed. I can burn 2-3 copies with no problem. If I burn more than that, I get a i/o error. If exit imageburn after each burn and restart, I have no errors. Please help! ImgBurn.log
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