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  1. only took me 5 minutes to figure out where add friend was, as per usual right in front of me.

    ntos read something more with just pictures in it :D

  2. If you were in front of me now i would punch you for that.

    ooh actually i wouldn't might hurt my right hand

  3. I like itty bitty titties :D

    Anything more than a mouthful gives my tongue cramp.

    Actually i like kevdrivers breasts, not his actual ones, his ava :D

  4. used to collect b's when i was younger, soon got bored though and moved onto E's

  5. because we want to


  6. Doctor Who, if only Billie Piper had red hair!

    she used to have a red haired cunt

  7. from your photo , your looking pretty hot there.

    not sure about the shoes though :D

  8. just noticed this.

    Now if there were some nice breast on show, I would home in on them pronto :D

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