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    The eye of Orion
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    Red headed women! I have provided a picture in case you arent sure what I mean!!

    Doctor Who, if only Billie Piper had red hair!

    Cricket, if only Claire Connor had red hair!

    Burning DVD's, If only Lightning_UK had red hair!!

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  1. Hey up fella - good thanks how's you ?

    What you been up to ?

  2. Scouse twat!!! ;o) Hows it going dude?

  3. jack

    Evening. :)

    Just checking everybody is still alive! I was about 10 versions out of date so I thought I better upgrade Glad to see the old place is still going. Keep up the good work LUK. Jack
  4. Hey up scouser! Hows it going mate? Hope you are doing ok.

  5. Is that a confession on your part mate????

  6. Bandit !!


  7. Hope it was a good one mate.
  8. Happy Birthday joe, hope it was a good one. Im always late for everything as you know
  9. Dont worry about being late guys because im even later! haha! =)) Thanks for all your messages. Jack
  10. This kind of stuff is the main reason I have stayed away from this board for a while. I hoped things may have changed, seems not. If I want political rants I will go to one of the huge amount of boards that are set up for that kind of crap.
  11. Didnt see much of Torchwood this time round for a number of reasons, will have to get it when it's released on DVD. Saw the first episode of Dr Who this weekend and wasnt over impressed to be honest. Wasnt a big fan of Donna and can see me getting very fed up by the end of the series. With Martha and Rose making an apearance the Tardis could be getting a little crowded again, it use to be common for the Dr to have 2,3 or even 4 companions but i'm not keen on it. One fit woman is all he needs!
  12. jack

    Happy birthday Boss!

    Happy birthday LUK! Havent been around much lately and missed lots of birthdays but i'm only a little bit late for the most important one!! Hope you had a good one
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