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  1. Anyway most tools don't show any splash though they load things before launch. It would be good to not see that flash on my 3.5 ghz quad core. It's just a suggestion I don't come here to kick the door, hope some guys don't treat new users like yoyo in the future.
  2. What I suggest is not remove it for everybody. An option in ini file to people who wants turn off splash, especially for fast computers, because it looks like a flash. If developer want to show imgburn logo for everybody, I suggest logo on button would be good looking like this, surely can be designed much better.
  3. I checked the splash threads I know it. Killsplash conflicts with my mouse helper tool but thanks for a decent answer. Placing logo to burn button is a new idea for this forum by the way.
  4. I come to here make a suggestion that not suggested before. But instant show doors, describing it as "stupid suggestion", close your eyes... So many unnecessary, unkind replies. But sometimes this happens when few arrogant people joined together in somewhere. It's about your quality not mine.
  5. Sorry but I've been so many forum and none show me the door when I make a suggestion. To the BOSS: Too many arrogant fans here that new users can't take a breath, have a talk with them.
  6. I have a fast pc and it just flashes. After several hundred launches I find this flashes more tiring. So I prefer half second blank latency before imgburn window opens. I think giving an ini option to users, would be better and logo on burn button make a cooler brand impression.
  7. I don't want to disscuss this with a jolly joker. So my suggestion is put imgburn logo onto burn button that button also could have the "Burn" text for more descriptive way. I see other "stupid" apps has the show their logo in this way.
  8. I like imgburn lot, but maybe removing splash screen and placing logo onto burn button would be cooler and less eye tiring.
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