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  1. so, two discs, burned at 12x on ASUS were OK. at least, it's something - till next error Mmalves, could you, please, say just a few words about this RAID/IDE thing? I mean, do i have to set abovementioned setting in BIOS only for Pioneer drive? Or this IDE thing will work simultaneously for ASUS drive? What setting have to be for ASUS? I have to give the directions to people who'll help me deal with all these BIOS horrors...
  2. Thanks, mmalves! No complaints to ImgBurn, moreover, looks like Test Mode wouldn't help me to know if disc can be burned without errors (in my case).
  3. Thank you, blutach! So, there is no way to be sure that drive (in write mode) works correctly with controller, OS, etc., without burning a disk and possibly corrupting it?
  4. Hello! I was trying to run Test mode in ImgBurn before writing Verbatim DVD+R single layer disk. But ImgBurn declined with a message: "Test Mode is not supported by the current media (DVD+R)". Before this it was OK to run Test Mode for DVD-R disk. So, this inability to run Test Mode with DVD+R - is it inherent in ImgBurn? Or my drive - both drives (Pio-116 and ASUS-2014) - are guilty? Or my OS (Windows XP with SP3) is corrupted?
  5. thank you, mmalves! I'm not especially good with computers. Pioneer is IDE-drive. So, do i have to look for updated drivers for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers or for SCSI and RAIS controllers (in my case it's Marvell 61xx RAID controller)? Actually, thru this forum i 've found the link to updates for asus/marvell drivers - but after installing new driver i've been still getting "buggy sense area" error. About 12x speed - i'll tri it and post my results. But i'm a bit afraid of 12x being pretty high write speed considering data longevity. I've been told that the less write speed - the longer writter data will be safe and readable. What is your opinion about this? One more thing - maybe the best way to deal with my problems is to format disc C and completely reinstall operating system and all necessary programs? I incline to this desicion 'cause both my drives worked pretty good at the beginning (about 300+ burned discs)...
  6. hello to everybody! first of all, forgive me my bad english - i'm not a native speaker and, alas, lazy learner well, i have two drives on my PC, Pioneer-116D and ASUS-2014S1T. i use only Verbatim disks and i burn only DVD-5. there was about four month of normal work with ImgBurn ( but now i get an error after error. with Pioneer it's usually "buggy sense area detected". with ASUS - you can choose. recently, ImgBurn completes burning process (but i see that at some point write speed have dropped to zero) but gives me an error during verifying. i take a look at DVD and i see that some area was kind of unburned or smth. next time i get me an error during burning - at 12% of process (usually all errors happens when about 12-15% of disk is burned). here i post some logs and images and i hope someone will help me - because this situation is killing me... thanks to everybody! 4.log 5.log 6.log
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