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  1. Thanks for the info mmalves. I thought 360 games had to be burned at 2.4x speed to work. And after over 100 successful burns that all play flawlessly I assumed that I was burning at 2.4x speed. But the new one I thought wouldn't play cause of the 4x burn also plays flawlessly. I guess that will also be the case for my laptop that I haven't updated to because its supported write speeds are:2x,4x and I've been trying to get 2.4x out of it the whole time. Thanks again for the help and info mmalves and thanks to azz for letting people with Miscompare Write Speed problems know where to get WOW stuff even though I don't like or play that game
  2. I am also having the same problem. I use verbatim DVDs and I am only having this problem after I updated to the new today. I dont remeber what the older one was but I think it was over 10 months old. I have always been able to burn at 2.4x with the same setup till today. The supported write speeds show:4x,6x,8x,10x but the DVDs show 8x max. When I first did the update I just installed new over the old and when it asked if I wanted to keep my settings I picked no. And after wasting my first disc I uninstalled and rebooted and tried and but keep getting supported write speeds show:4x,6x,8x,10x. I was wondering if there is something in the settings that can fix this back to the way it was? or do you think I lost or damaged a driver? help please
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