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  1. Does ImgBurn use a third party burning engine like CD Burner XP does? CD Burner XP uses StarBurn and NMS burning engines. Nero and Roxio uses its own burning engine.
  2. When I purchased the Nero Platinum HD Update Disc from the Nero web shop it was burned with ImgBurn v2.5.1.0? Why is the disc supplier using an prior version of ImgBurn when ImgBurn v2.5.2.0 was already released?
  3. LUK, Can you resend the updated ImgBurn installer to Digital Digest so the UniBlue desktop icons are only enabled when opting in?
  4. Why aren't the Uniblue Desktop icons automatically created during default installation until I run ImgBurn as administrator and then close ImgBurn?
  5. Lightning UK, can you file a complaint against CopyThatGame by following the instructions at http://www.clickbank.com/dmca.html to have the CopyThatGame website shut down. It's a scam site that charges $30 for a freeware program called ImgBurn. They are not licensed to sell the freeware ImgBurn and are breaking the license agreement by selling the free software.
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