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  1. In a Windows 10 command window. Re-tried the install on a new install of win98 on a cleaned hard drive and all went well. There must have been something else in the system corrupted that caused the install to fail.
  2. Ken852: m/c is old shorthand for machine. MD5 and SHA-1 match. Tried on 2 m/c and both said something about installer broken. Perhaps it is something on the W95 and w98 boxes broken and not the file itself. dbminter: When I look at the file imgburn2100.exe properties:details, both are blank. Lightning: I did that once with a W98 disk and attached via usb adapter to a W10 m/c to create backup. Backup was fine but then original m/c did not like whatever w10 did to the MBR. Seems W10 likes to modify it if you write something to the disk. An no, not a MBR virus. Had to go to another W98 m/c and FDISK /MBR to make it usable again. Makes me nervous to try that again.... Now I did get more memory installed and a 2nd hard drive so I could finally get the Microsoft backup to run by breaking the files down into groups. So the need for ISO image of disk is not important now.
  3. Problem is the size. Only way to get to m/c is 1.44 floppy.
  4. Is there anywhere I can get a copy of version I want to load into a Win98SE m/c to make an ISO of the main disk files for backup. M/c has no usb support, no cd writer, only 1.44 floppy for input/output. The copy at www.oldversion.com seems to have broken installer.
  5. Am I correct then in assuming that by just selecting all the files on the A: drive and creating a regular ISO image, there is no way to then make that image a bootable image? It seems rather odd to me that I can see the drive in the source section, but I can not see the drive in the bootable disk section. BTW: is this the way you are using CreateFile? HANDLE hDevice; hDevice = CreateFile( \\\\.\\vwin32, 0, 0, NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE, NULL);
  6. I am a hardware designer. Many of the programs I work with require direct access to the hardware, rather anying to do with XP. W98SE machine is the one with a 3 1/2" floppy left in it..... Any recomendations for another program that will make a bootable image from a floppy? I do not have Nero, and Easy CD Creator 4 installed on another machine insists on trying to write to the floppy first. Virus scans on it show nothing so far. What command are you using to locate the disk?
  7. The system is a 2GHz P4 running W98SE.
  8. I have a bootable 1.44M floppy disk and a blank CD-R. Please lead me through the steps to make the bootable image so I can burn the CD. When I try (using V 2.3.2), the "create boot image" spot on the bootable disk tab is greyed out. I have been searching the forums and all the images of the GUI show this area as active. Mine never is!!! Thank you for any help.
  9. Would it be possible to offer an option to be able to re-try a burn opertion that failed the first time? Due to things like the operating system deciding to pause and think for a while durring a burn, or dust that I missed when inserting the disk, being able to restart the burn of the exact same file may prevent another coaster....
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