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  1. So I can just burn the ISO to a RW with ImgBurn's default settings, and the RW is still able to be erased?
  2. So do I use DAO or SAO? I am unfamiliar with the terms since I have used other software so much. SAO=Session At Once? Does that close the session but leave the disc open for erasing or adding more data? TAO=Track At Once? Again, closes the track but not the disc so I can erase it or add more data later? DAO=Disc At Once? Meaning it writes and closes the disc and no more data can be written to it and it cannot be erased later? (Bearing in mind these questions all relate to DVD Re-Writables not DVD-Writeables.)
  3. Hello. I am old, so be gentle with me. There is so much information here that it is hard for me to follow, so I am asking after searching to get a straight, easy to understand answer. Here is my situation. I have 1080p .MKV Blu-Ray files that I am converting to AVCHD format. I know how to specify the root and I know that the resulting disc plays perfectly in my player. It is a "Blu-Ray on DVD" format. Currently I convert, use ImgBurn to create an ISO image, then use CDBurnerXP to burn the ISO to DVDRW without finalizing the disc. That way I can erase it, re-use the DVDRW for another AVCHD. I would prefer to use only ImgBurn. I have also read that there will not be a "Do not close disc" option. However, maybe since I am using a DVDRW I am missing something that will enable me to do what I am trying to figure out. I am trying to do one of two things with ImgBurn. 1. Burn the directory structure as is to a DVDRW and be able to erase the DVDRW for re-use. ImgBurn recognizes the directory structure as a Blu-Ray. Or 2. Burn the ISO to a DVDRW but again be able to erase the DVDRW for later re-use. Telling me to search, which I have already done, is not help. Any polite, intelligent help is appreciated. Thank you, in advance.
  4. Hi there. I am an old fart and new to this. I am sure this has been asked or gone over, but I cannot find a guide for it, blame old age. I would like to burn an ISO file to DVD, but be able to erase the DVD and put something else on it when we are done watching it. How can I do this? In CDBurnerXP I just chose not to finalize the disc, then I could erase it when finished. Thanks for any and all helpful replies.
  5. Thank you for this piece of software. We need more authors like you. I donated.
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