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  1. I know you don't need someone telling you this would be swell, but I'm curious why it hasn't been implemented yet? It's the only thing missing from imgburn I can imagine! No biggie, I just gather my files and cook 'em when I get a disk's worth, but it would be nice, and put the final nail in nero's coffin (mentally for me - I never touch the stuff!). Thanks for imgburn, what a fabulous thing it is!
  2. I always wondered if I should hit the button (which is hard to find in the dark recess where my pc lives) or if it's ok to gently push the drawer in by hand. I know it's designed to be able to do that, but is it wearing it out? Thankee,
  3. That would explain me troubles, so. Taksamikkit Cynthia!
  4. I just got some dual layer dvds for the first time and wonder if I'm taking a risk relative to regular dvds. They're sony dvd+r dl - Ritek D01-01 Any notion whether dual layers are as accurate and reliable? Will any trouble be apparent with the burn/verify, or can issues crop up later, even with what seemed a good burn? I did find my particular disk on the media review forum, but that's beyond greek to me. Anyone know what that means in plain old american? PS I've got a lite on a1h something something burner, if the burner is an issue here. It's been super to me so far. Cheers!
  5. Nero (boo, hiss) used to recognize my partially burned disks and allow me to add more to them [if I chose that option when I made the previous burn(s).] When I pop in a partially filled disk burned with img burn, the data on the disk doesn't show up anywhere, and img burn reads it as a new disk, apparently. I've read the manual and googled about this a bit, but don't see any way to be able to add things to an unfilled disk. (Am I just blind?) I'm frankly surprised this isn't easy, since img burn seems ridiculously helpful and useful in every other sense so far. Thanks for any help!
  6. Log got overwritten by later burn, but it turns out two burns after worked fine, maybe it was just a one time glitch. Same settings used. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I'm brand new using imgburn, but read the relevant sections of Cynthia the Swede's guide so pretty sure I did things right. I just successfully burned a data dvd, verified with no errors, but when I try to play something off the disk, it shows up as blank, though all the stats are visible in imgburn. In fact, loading the disk changes the title of my burner (lite on lh20a1s, same one I cooked it with) from dvd ram to cd rom drive, but otherwise nada. It DOES show up in my el cheapo sony cd rom drive, which is great, but I want it to work everywhere, of course! I turned all 3 file systems on, since that's what I read was best, and left all other defaults alone. Burned at 4x. Just flashed latest firmware too. Lemme add that a sudden string of completely horrible burns via nero set me on the path to here. Though I think the trouble there was burning stuff while running a bunch of apps at the same time. I believe this since I later tried testing blank some media twice, once with stuff running, once without (using nero cd-dvd speed) and what was horrible with apps running was luverly without them running. One other evil was the disk before this one gave me a bsod while verifying, and also 2 bsods trying to play a movie off of it with 2 media players - upon reaching the same spot in the film. Here, I think it was a bad disk (had a nasty scratch, from dunno where), but maybe it's worth mentioning. I've had a few complete spontaneous shut downs, mid-burn, using nero in the past as well. So any idea what I did wrong, or what I can do next burn? Thanks a bunch, I'm really glad I found imgburn and this awesome forum, it's all very interesting stuff!
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