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  1. The DVD+RW disc has been formatted at least once. Even after formatting again, it does not allow an overwrite, and will always say that it needs to be formatted. I used to be able to overwrite these discs using version without problems. I have just checked with DVD Decryptor, and it will allow me to overwrite the disc, first giving warning "This disc is not empty. All data on the disc will be overwritten! Do you want to continue?" ImgBurn and newer no longer does this however. The info in both ImgBurn and DVD Decryptor reads "Formatted: No (Started)" My drive is a "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B A104 (ATA)" (LG) So any ideas why I used to be able to overwrite DVD+RW discs but can no longer with the newer version of ImgBurn? Still seems like a bug to me.
  2. I use ImgBurn to burn my weekly server iso backups to DVD+RW discs. The DVD+RW discs get rotated and reused. I have noticed, since version and newer, now when burning the image to a DVD+RW (that already contains data), it says "This disc needs to be formatted before you can write to it". If I format the disc it takes a long time. Previous versions (e.g. would simply warn that the disc contains data, and if you continue will be overwritten. You did not have to reformat the disc each time, which was a lot quicker. This is also how Nero works, which I have gone back to using for burning the images. It seems a bug has been introduced or some functionality lost in the newer versions.
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