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  1. I admire it for what it does! (and what it doesn't do!: all that BS the other programs like Nero, etc. add in) Took me a long time to find a great .iso builder and burning program for PC (I previously only burned using a Mac). Hell, I'm surprised Plextor doesn't hire the boss to work for them. ImgBurn should be packaged with all CD burners; it's that good. OK, so assuming you don't want to try a mouse-less experiment for yourself... most people are completely helpless if their mouse is busted... here's the minmum shortcuts I would add if I had an uncompressed .exe (this takes only minutes to do in ResHack, by adding "&"): **To avoid confusion, "accesskey" means one letter is underlined, like in the menu of almost any program, so Alt+[the letter] accesses/highlights the item, e.g. Alt+F accesses File menu. The Build screen-- add accesskeys for &Source and &Destination add accesskeys for the tabs, e.g. &Information, O&ptions, etc. add shortcut for Calculate function (e.g., Alt+C) Under the Options tab add accesskey for File &System Under Labels tab add accesskeys for &ISO9660, &Joliet and &UDF The program already has really good keyboard accessibility. You can access almost every fucntion with the keyboard. I guess I was just perplexed when the new version came out and there were no accesskeys in the Build GUI. Hey, is it possible to burn a Mac-formatted (Joliet I guess?) CD on a PC using ImgBurn? I have a .dmg on my iPod and I have MacDrive. I'm almost sure the answer is no, but just wondering.
  2. He's right. I'm really into kybd shortcuts. I started using a laptop with no mouse many years ago and started learning how to do EVERYTHING via kybd. I've never looked back. In many cases, it's much faster than using a mouse and you don't need heaps of space for a mouse to move around. As for what shortcuts I need... try using ImgBurn without a mouse. Try building an .iso. Set it to ISO9660+Joliet+UDF. Enter Volume Labels. Then try burning it. You'll see what to add. As much as a dislike Microsoft software for its bloat, ever notice how ALL their menus and options have a shortcut and/or hotkey? There must be some kybd freak like me who works there... he's the kybd accessibility quality control guy. There a program called foobar2000 for audio. Love that program. Because it's uncompressed .exe and you can open it up in ResHack and add kybd shortuts and hotkeys in the GUI where they are needed. If you send me an uncompressed .exe and I'll gladly in the kybd shortcuts that are needed with ResHack. Should only take under 10min. Bigger and more feature rich does not always mean better. There's usually a point of dimnishing returns where I just stick with the version I've got. foobar2000 just recently passed that point. I hope this doesn't happen with ImgBurn, which like foobar2000 is one of my all-time favourite programs. I really like all the command line switches you include. Few other coders do that. Can you release some other programs? ...
  3. The new ver 2.00 lacks kybd shortcuts for the new ISO build feature I will keep using ImgBurn ver 1.3 and burnatonce GUI to make ISO since it has good keyboard support Unless ImgBurn adds kybd shortcuts Thanks for great software!
  4. there shouldnt be a todo list imgburn is just fine the way it is 'todo' lists are probably the reason so many burning programs are monstrosities i apologise for my hasty post dumb and dumber.... i later realised burnatonce (i.e. cdrdao) can do multisession multisession is useful when you need to burn and you have limited disk space for a huge iso (and you're afraid to delete the original files) apologies again for breaking a heap of forum etiquette rules i wont post again thats a promise
  5. Need a software recommendation. I want to burn multisession CD-RW. Would also be nice to burn multisession DVD but not sure that's possible But here's the catch I use an older PC (no WinXP). The software has to be - small That eliminates Nero and the Roxio stuff. To me ImgBurn is the ultimate. Exactly what I look for in software It is absolutely brilliant. - small! - fast! - kybd shortcuts! - cmd line switches! - reliable; never crashes! - smart looking interface But it only does ISO. If I'm short on disc space this can be a problem I now Alcohol 120% will work for my purpose. But I'm wondering if there are any other programs out there that fit my description.
  6. apologies if this has been asked and answered. i was on a quest for the smallest fastest most powerful keyboard shortcut friendly cd/dvd burning software for windows. i tried everything. i ended up with imgburn and the unnamed dvd program. but in my quest i noticed many frontends for cdrtools/cdrecord-prodvd and cdrdao. these seem to the standards. does imgburn use either of them? lightning uk! is a talented programmer indeed. heads above the rest. only thing missing from imgburn is ability to make iso's from files on my fixed drives. for that i use burnatonce, which is one of those frontends for cdrdao and one of the cdrtools (mkisofs).
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