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  1. D'oh! i should've figured that out Thanks for your help, come visit us if you ever happen to need any xbox backup done!
  2. that's what i thought, doing it the pcgedit way, however the program is a small CLI program which doesn't save any config file or stuff like that (since it needs no config i think) so the user would have to specify the path to imgburn everytime, or have imgburn in the PATH env. variable, so i'm sticking with .DVD files. There's some nice dude who made a GUI to it, i think the GUI is the one who should call imgBurn, but that's "another story".
  3. well it would be useful to us lazy people (and well, to everyone), it would skip a step, so if you make a data CD, instead of having some program read all the files, write an iso then read the iso and write to the cd... if you already have the data, it's kind of unnecesary to build an ISO, it would skip this step... but yeh i know it sounds complicated, it was just an idea. Qwix is being worked on, we are expecting a new version (2.0) anytime soon, all i know is it will have support for disc layouts but i read somewhere that it will have many new features and that's why Devenic (author) is taking so long to release it.
  4. Thanx a lot mister! Interesting to know it was you who started with .DVD files... if you implement it, i guess other programs could also benefit from it, like pgcEdit. i'm glad i don't have to use MDS files honestly, it looks like a lot of data and i only want to specify the layer break!
  5. I've been working on a program "xdvdfs-tools" used to make accurate ISOs from xbox dvds, the latest big "feature" of it is doing dual-layer ISOs, it calculates the right layer break sector and stuff, however it's still being tested, since it's a command-line program it's not quite as popular as other programs (GUIs), however i think it's the only one which does DL games correctly, that is, with files aligned towards the outer edge of the disc (IE the layer break), and making sure the layer break doesn't cut any file in two, etc. If you're interested, and not scared of command-line tools, check hxxp://layouts.xbox-scene.com the DL version is 2.3 alpha2
  6. well this may sound ambitious or just weird.... my idea comes from programs like avisynth or virtualdub, which have frame-server capabilities, that is, you can for example open a faux AVI file which, instead of having the actual movie frames in the file, causes the program to generate the frames "on the fly", thus avoiding using a big file. Another example is the "ReWire" interface, where you can have one or more programs generating audio and sending it thru a virtual "wire" to a mixer program such as cubase or perhaps protools My idea is, instead of opening an iso file, it could open some file related to an external process which serves the actual content in ISO format, so for example there could be another program which does what Nero does but without the burning, this way you could make a data cd, audio cd, vcd etc. and "serve" it in a ISO-ready data stream which imgburn will use to burn a disc without the actual iso file.... ImgBurn would add support for this "data stream" only, allowing other developers to make these external tools in any way they want, so LUK would only worry about imgburn burning the disc and not making imgburn another (better) Nero.... which would be good tho of course it's just an idea, i don't expect to see it any soon if at all... but it would be nice i think, wouldn't it? maybe if LUK ever runs out of new things to do
  7. Hiya. I am helping with the development of an open-source utility to build xISO files (xdvdfs_tools), this is, ISO files with xbox file format for game backups. ImgBurn is the tool of choice. However, the last addition to the program is to build double layer isos, as similar as possible to the original. The program calculates the layer break sector, and this requires the user to manually specify it in imgBurn. I've been trying to make a MDS file containing this info but i haven't found much info about this file format (and i guess you can't just give it to anyone who asks). I recently found out cloneCD makes .DVD files, which imgburn supports, and those are plain text files with the file names of the image chunks. And the first line contains the layer break sector, so i thought i could use this .dvd file format and open it with imgburn. I made a dvd movie dump with cloneCD to check this .DVD file format, the first line has LayerBreak=[layer break sector number]. When i tried to open it with imgburn, it didn't work, I guess it expected to get only filenames not this LayerBreak line... Will imgBurn support getting the layer break from .DVD files? maybe it's a new addition of the .dvd file format, I dunno, but it would help a lot! or, any other suggestion? Excuse my newbieness and bad english. #39;(
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