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  1. Try as I might to always use IMGBurn, there are 2-features of Nero that I use all the time, which bring me back. 1 - Multiple/simultaneous drive burns - I have 2-DVD drives on 2-machines that I use constantly, to burn multiple copies of mastered CD/DVD's. When someone asks me for 45-copies of a 3-CD set, it is a major time saver to have 4-drives running simultaneously. AFAIK, only Nero has this feature. I had read somewhere about some "queue" feature of IMGBurn (haven't dug around enough to find/try it, yet) but if I understand correctly, this simply bounces from one drive to another after 1-burn completes. Please correct me if I am wrong. 2 - File selection. I am sorry but even the "advanced" file/folder selection process in IMGBurn doesn't compare to a standard "left pane is DVD layout and right pane is a folder/drive tree" process like in Nero. I often burn from multiple drives/directories/networked machines and trying to do this with the way IMGBurn does it, is way more time-consuming and tedious. Any thoughts on addressing these two (IMHO) shortcomings to an otherwise fantastic product?
  2. The CD is mixed-mode/CD-Extra with music/audio tracks and computer-readable files. ImgBurn only sees the audio tracks. I successfully created a .nrg/Nero image file. ImgBurn choked on it and said the format was incompatible/bad?
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