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  1. Much less of a hassle (no need to switch modes/everything on 1 window) in different software... (and switching saves time on figuring out the formatting problem as well) If I'm not the only one with this formatting-every-time issue I'm happy to help you figure it out, otherwise I'll assume it's a fluke. Nice program, but maybe not for me
  2. In Advanced Build mode there doesn't seem to be a "burn to disk" button.. I also came across InfraRecorder... That's free as well and it seems like that might be easier for me to use / better suited for my needs (I rarely work with img files..) Interface is more like what I'm used to, it lets me quick format disks, and there's a free-space progress bar at the bottom. So, looks like I'm switching when it comes to burning disks, if I ever need to build an image file I know where to go Thanks for the quick replies!
  3. Well, in my case the "Formatted: Yes" thing doesn't seem to be working then. (I'm not using any other burning software). Thanks!
  4. I just switched from CD Burner XP to ImgBurn. Really like that the burning speed has greatly improved (4x really is 4x and not 35 minutes), but that is countered by ImgBurn prompting me to fully format a disk every time I want to burn something (most often DivX files to a rewritable dvd). The brand of the DVD+RW does not seem to matter (Memorex, Philips, Mediarange), and these disks are not blank disks either (have been used with Nero and CD Burner Xp numerous times), and I have already fully formatted every disk at least once with ImgBurn. Quick erase isn't even an option... (Also - is there some setting that lets the program live update the space on the disk, or do I have to press calculate every time after I add a file?) Drive is LG GH22NS40 on WinVista.
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