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  1. heya any idea when you will be releasing the new version with support for the .dvd files? Getting so sick of clonecD!!!!!!
  2. Oh my god... What a service!!! What a support... Where do I get this updated version? I'll try it with some 360 images and let you know... Imgburn will be #1 in the xbox360 world if it works!
  3. lfcrule1972 I'll send a xbox360 to whoever disables that check from imgburn. I just hate having to use clonecd!!!
  4. Hi, I have a couple of Xbox360 images. They are +DL. When I try to open them in imgburn it popups with: "Invalid or unsupported image file format" I know the images are ok because I burned them in CloneCD and they work on the xbox360. Somehow I think that imgburn is refusing to burn them because the first part of the image have 0000000 for video_data. Is there some way to disable the check in imgburn ?? ? ? Or some other trick to use? I just hate to have to use CloneCd......
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