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  1. i recently finished both spindles of my older tyg02 stuff i had. i am temtped to try out the newer tyg03 stuff but am reading mixed reviews around everywhere. id like to order maybe a 600 pack from supermedia store. they have both on sale right now at almost the same price i think a 2$ difference between them. which should i get for the best possible burns and overall quality? should i go for the 02's again or take advantage of my newer model burners and get the 03's for when i want to burn things a bit faster mostly data stuff i ALWAYS burn movies and games at 8x. when i bought last time i bought 2 of the 600 packs and have finally ran out so its time to stock up again. what would you guys buy i trust luk's and others opinions here. i also am using 7240s, 203b, 7200s etc all mostly newer model burners capable of using either disc. but so many people saying tyg03 is junk??? true or not. please someone respond asap i want to buy them on sale at supermediastore before they go off sale. thank you for your time.
  2. will do when i get back home.. had to run back to the office.
  3. okay so the tracks are still in the discs. but the speeds were better and went from 2.0 to 4.0 without much of a drop off. this is using the modded sony ss05 firmware. i have both the original and modded one (for use on any optiarc ad-7560s) if you would like them cynthia for the site just lmk. i also have sony ss04 dell sd05 and a few others for this drive. the newest on the site is ss03 from sony actually thats the only firmware.
  4. okay so flash was a success i did have to rename the sony firmware to the next in the "sd" ones to take so the drive is not sd07 since i also tested the sony ss04 as sd05 and now the ss04 as sd07 tbh it looks the same as the dell sd05 firmware i think sony just renamed it to ss05 instead the firmware looks the same as dell in a hex editor almost exact so ill test this tonight at least i know for sure now i can jump to any firmware i want this way =)
  5. as i said i tried 4 diff kinds of media all with exactly the same result. i just got done editing the sony newest firmware ss04 to be flashed to this drive. ive edited the exe to the version sx04 to be able to be flashed to my drive. though i may have to change it to sd06 lol instead since ive already flashed to the dell firmware sd05 to try that one. so it may not take the sx04 back on. i simply use a hex editor to change the values and now it shows sx04 instead of ss04 when flashing. ive done this many times for other drives.. ill report back after trying this firmware edit again lol just found ss05 from sony japan.. ill try this one i think first since its newer..if it works okay ill upload it for anyone to add to the firmware hq if you want. it will be sx05 or whatever you would like it to be lol
  6. as i said in the title its a notebook drive optiarc ad-7560s what happens is it starts at 2x.. then it drops almost totally off to .8 or .9 according to imgburn then ramps back up to 4x almost instantly then slowly rises to 8x after about 50% of the way. the the post above yours why do i not get these areas on the disc showing with ashampoo and only with imgburn then?? im not saying its a imgburn problem im just wondering why the difference in the final outcome on the disc itself. when i get home i can post the burn data im away from the system right now im trying to find better firmware for this drive. it came with sx01 which was AWEFUL i went to sd04 (a dell release) and my discs would actually burn (all 3 systems were the same way) then i upgraded to sd05. someone said somewhere there is also a sx07 and a ss03 and 4 from sony but i can not get those to flash to the drive. could anyone help me in finding sx07 to try out?
  7. well i can see the difference between the used and unused portion but inside the used area i can see clear as day three different shades of rings. one about 1/4" from the center another again about a 1/4" then the last ring then the unused portion. so in total 4 different shaded areas 1 unused.. this is what i am worried about and mainly asking about. i know some burners take time to ramp up speed during the burns. but what i mean is when i burned the same media same iso file with ashampoo i do not see the different shaded areas like with imgburn?? i may be able to get it in a picture not sure if the camera will pick it up but ill try. i 100% assure you there are 3 different shaded areas in the burned area on the discs. i own 3 total of these notebooks and now have had the exact same result with all three. i did a ton of burns last night to make sure all three had the same result. the discs seem to play okay but i am worried about the way they are burning. all three same drive model, firmware and media were tested (4 types all same result with the 4 shaded areas) thank you btw i LOVE imgburn its really my primary software i use for burning ashampoo is always my backup if anything is wrong or i need to test.
  8. okay my drive is burning weird with imgburn. ive tried 4 diff kinds of media. if i select 8x or aws to burn a single layer dvd - or + it will burn maybe 25% at maybe 1.5-2.0x then go up to 4x to about 50% then jump to 7-8x for the rest of the burn? i recently reinstalled windows and am not sure if this could have affected it but i never noticed this before. also i see "tracks" is what i call them in the disc about where the speeds changed you can almost see the difference in color based on when the speeds changed? whats going one? please help me out. thank you edit also have another laptop same make and model with the same drive and same firmware and it does the same with imgburn. ashampoo seems to burn normal though and i get none of the different colored sections on the discs. what could be going on? also tried: ritek f1 (i know junk), some cmc media, tayio, and REAL verbatim and same results all seem to play okay but the difference in the disc surface after burning kinda worries me. ad-7560s with sd05 firmware
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