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  1. Im changing the volume label from the write queue and its very useful, but I still think that once that the "change volume label" window is open, it would be great a "next" button to change the label of the next image of the queue. But it just a suggestion I really aprecciate your help and the excellent software. Its user friendly and at the same time it has functions that other software will never have, thank you.
  2. Excelent I didn't know I can do that. I learned something about this program today, and i recommend the software to all my friends. I started using dvddecrypter some years ago, and i still use it to decrypt or demultiplex dvds. Now I use imgburner when I´m just burning. Both programs are the best. Thank you.
  3. I have a lot of iso images on my four 1tb hard drives and I want to edit most of them by giving a correct name in the volume label before i burn them, but it would be great that once I have rename one iso, I could click a "next" button to open the next iso image in the hard drive to rename it. That's because it takes to much time open iso images one by one when you have 700 image files on your computer. That could be great and I suposse is not to complicated for the genius that makes this incredible software. Also it could be extraordinary, if it is not to much to ask, that you can open a explorer kind of window where you look for all the iso images on all your hard drives (like in alcohol %120), order them by file name and there could be a column with the volume label so you can change it from there. This could be very useful when you have, for example 4 iso images in diferent hard drives and you want to give them a name plus a consecutive numbeer, for example: music_vol_1, music_vol_2, etc; so you could be able to change the label consecutively without being necessary to search for the iso files in the diferent hard drives and open them one by one. it could be like those mp3 manager software where you can edit diferent mp3 tag names. I really hope you can make this possible, sorry for my english but I make my best try. Thank you.
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