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  1. Thanks for all your reply guys you been most helpful. Im gona run down and buy a new drive cause im to lazy to actually clean it. (and i honestly have no idea how to do it without breaking everything. ) Do you guys have any tips? : )
  2. I couldent finish verifying the disc. Here's the log: The only thing my xbox is saying when i put in the DVD's i burn (the new ones) is "Open Tray" Do i really have to crack open my xbox and clean the lens? I mean all the other games are working properly. Burned and non burned games. I must be doing something wrong... :S
  3. And here comes the noobish question. How do you "Cleane" my lens? Do i have to crack open it? EDIT: my xbox is reading other burned dvds. The older one i made is still working. Just the newer ones arent working : (
  4. The other games works just fine tho. The older ones and the one i tried at the guy that flashed my xbox 360. (Updated it today)
  5. Okay, im gona try update my FW to SB07 and do a verify. As for the lense. Since the other games works with it i doubt its the lense. I'll get back to you as soon as i tried those two options. : )
  6. Also, it seam like its writing to fast. I wanna write the CD in 2.4x but its writing in 4x. Is that cause the CD is 8x? :s
  7. It dosent fail to burn, it just the xbox that fails to read it. And im running out of dvd's to actually keep experementing with i think i've burned atleast 20 of them already. None of them works #39;( EDIT: If i try to change it manually it just say "Success" it dosent really burn it in DVD-ROM insted it burns it in DVD+R DL even tho i want it in DVD-ROM
  8. Yeah, i heard but when i actually do burn the cd it dosent work in the xbox. i've tried some other games that my friend had and they work just fine in the box so its something with my burning. And i supspect its the booktype. The laybreak is fine. I know its possible to burn the games cause i've done it before but it was AGES ago so now i really have no clue how i did it. But the only thing i havent been able to change is the booktype so my guess is that it dosent change it too DVD-ROM like i want it too.. Is there someway to change it even tho its supposed to "automaticlly" change it? EDIT: And yes i know how to update windows im just to lazy to actually get myself to do it
  9. Hello, Im trying to burn some xbox 360 games. i just have one small issue, imgburner dosent allow me to change the booktype. I've been trying to find some version of my drive firmware that works but nothing seam to be working. So when i go: Change Book type >> Samsung I just get "Unknown (No way to query current setting!) When i try to change it into DVD-ROM it just says "Success!" but it really dosent change anything. Here is the log aswell. Anyone have any idea how to make this work, cause im out of ideas. :-(
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