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  1. Thank you Polo, I have not had this problem before when backing up any of my movies thats why I thought I should ask. Sorry if I worded my original post the wrong way. Thanks
  2. Hello, Ok Im trying to Shrink a Dvd(Adult Movie) and it gets to about 40% and the program stops. Why can't I shrink this Movie and what other program can I use to get er done? Any idea why Dvd Shrink will NOT Shrink my Movie? Thanks for the Help
  3. Thanks everyone, Polo that site is awesome and very simple so Im using it. Thanks again.
  4. Ok Kev I tired that site and each time I try to Download the file it wouldn't install and gave me an error. Do you know of any other sites? Also how do I search for it on google the correct way so I find what im looking for? Thanks
  5. Thanks Kev How ya doing by the way?? So far so good on the Dvd front!!! Hope you have a nice 4th of July
  6. Does anyone know of any Freeware on the Internet for making the Jewel Case covers for Dvd's? Ive done a Google search but not sure what words to use. Thanks
  7. Hi Poly I use Automatic compression on Shrink no matter what Im burning. I was trying to Burn an old Western for my Hubby that was 3+ hours and it burned fine as far as I can tell and I used Automatic. I did come across 1 strange thing though. We have 2 Dvd players and mine will play any Region were the 1 in my Living room won't play Dvd+RW's and if they do for some reason it will say "Invalid Title" but then some will play were other's won't. I keep the region on free in Shrink but I thought that would allow any region to play in all Dvd players. Oh well, I will use Dvd+R's now just for that reason not too mention I won't have to waste time re-formatting them either. Thanks for the reply Have a great 4th of July...... Be Safe
  8. Hello there, My Burning is working out really good so far but I have a question. How do you Burn something that is 3+ hours long on 1 disc? I know how to use Shrink etc but Im wondering if I will have to split this movie up or will Shrink compress it enough to go on a single Dvd? If I have to split it between 2 disc's How do I do that? Thanks I hope everyone has a Safe 4th of of July
  9. Hello, Ive only used ImgBurn to backup my movies, Can someone tell me how to make a Music Cd using my Mp3 files stores on my computer? Thanks
  10. I tried rebooting several times and it still won't work for these 2 Dvd's. Then I tried using Dvd Decryptor and I was getting several messages on there as well like "Inserting Dummy Sectors" etc, then after all the files were on my Hard Drive they wouldn't work. I also read someplace that certain movies won't work with Dvd43 or Dvd Shrink unless you do something different because they have Arcos or something like that on them. Can anyone Help me with this? I'll have to wait and try again tomorrow since Im at work at the moment. Thanks
  11. Hi there Ok not sure if its Ok to post this question here or not but Im sure you will let me know Dvd Shrink is giving me some issue's tonight, When I put the disc in and pull up Dvd Shrink I keep getting (Not Responding) on the top of the window in Dvd Shrink. Its never done this before, anyone know why and how to fix it? Thanks
  12. Ha you ppl are Funny Sure so now im a Lab Rat by 2007 your gonna have me Build my own PC?? Sounds good to me LOL
  13. Thanks Can you also Brun Cd's with ImgBurn and is the process the same? Just thought I'd ask for future referance
  14. Hello...... Ok I got my USB PCI Card today and Installed it with no problems other then the fact that there was a Metal Bar on it that I had to remove otherwise it would not fit in my Pc. I tried to Burn and it worked the very 1st time at 4x with NO errors or problems. I played it afterwards just to make sure it Burned right Thank to everyone that Helped me out, You were all so Patient with me and your Help is most appreciated. If i have any other questions or run into any other problems I will be sure to post in this Forum. Thanks again........ To Everyone that Help
  15. Ok Ive Formatted 1 Disc thanks to Cornholio7, Now what do I do once its done,? Am I supposed to write it as well during Format? After doing this, Will I need to Format all my Dvd+RW's? Thanks
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