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  1. Imgbrn Win 7 64 bit I just noticed that Imgbrn log file approximately 500 kB has lost 4-5 month old info. What is the size or time limits to follow making backups of logs? I'd like to keep earlier logs as these contain writer and write speed info. Thanks.
  2. Downloaded file name is SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe. It pretends to install ImgBurn. Size 1 MB instead of 3MB.
  3. Sure something is wrong with download links: Mirror 1 - Provided by Digital Digest (Currently hosting v2.5.8.0) Mirror 2 - Provided by BetaNews (Currently hosting v2.5.8.0) Mirror 1 - 1097 MB Norton Security turned red more then 3 times until I stopped installation (browser redirecting to malicious site, unsafe scripts) next I downloaded Mirror 2 - 3030 MB Installation went smoothly ' Mirror 1 I clicked to but content appears to be wrong. Thanks for a great software.
  4. How to write with IMGBURN nrg file to HDD in ISO imaqe format instead writing to DVDR drive? I have a 4.5 GB nrg video file, which I would like to extract into normal playable video - ISO or video files. IMGBURN supports writing nrg to DVDR but there is no option write to HDD ISO image as earlier. Any other suggestions how to access nrg content without burning a disk? Thanks!
  5. How to use imgburn adding multiple folder to data DVD root folder? Purpose is burning a data DVD. Couldn't find the answer from support forum. In build mode there is possible to add only one folder at once but when there are many DVD's to write each with 50-60 folders, it doesn't work, to add hundreds of folders one by one. Is there any easy way to handle task with Imgburn or is this task out of Imgburn scope and Windows 7 DVD writing capability should be good enough? Thanks.
  6. When trying to back up/save the DVD-A which has minor cracks around middle hole, Imgburn states that there is a copy protection CSS/CPPM. Is it true, that DVD-A may use this protection or is it just a failure to read given DVD-A properly? Thanks!
  7. I rechecked. Yesterday's read events are missing entirely from log. But today the new read is logged normally. So, let's hope logging is functioning at it's best and there was some occasional interruption. What is missing - The initial question started from DVD Region - friend of mine in USA has delivered to me some extra valuable music DVDs, which play normally with my present equipment. I expected the read log to contain a region info but instead I discovered that there were not any read events logged at all. I'd expect in the read log as much data about original as ever possible :-) Thanks for your time!
  8. Hello Just loaned to a friend a rare Live DVD and ooops, received it back scratched and poorly readable. When backing up my valuable DVD's - how could I get a log of read - creating ISO process - including DVD properties (obtained from all around the world..), enabled IB switches and etc. Which would help me to troubleshoot later problems, when I once find that something is wrong with my copy. For making copy I suggest that: 1. read mode with ISO output suites best 2. followed by write. By default ImgBurn log file content is just a burning info and I couldn't find any log option settings to log DVD properties, DVD read and ISO creating. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I did as you said. I'd like to figure out the decision making system. Here is posted another image without NO in SLIP
  10. A sample image of a 7Gb officially released live DVD
  11. I start to feel a very desperate buddy, while mods are already starting to shout at me - The reason why I'm still boring is, that until now, I haven't met any DL disk which provides a NO in SLIP column. That's the point what I can't catch. Does it means that all these DL albums simply aren't DVD standard compliant? After Optimal L1 warning I have unpacked reluctant ISOs and followed the guide, when again IMGBurn doesn't offer a way out. When originals have been authorized by professionals, why IMGBurn can't provide any solution? And therefore I have forced to try to figure out what may happen when L1 warning is ignored. And why or how Nero and CdburnerXP burn these ISO's without accusing me in violating standards. Thanks for your time
  12. But searching for solutions might be much easier if someone could explain in plain English what's the purpose of this warning? Is the single purpose of this point calculation just to mask or hide the layer break between different sections of DVD content? And when there is no point available means just that there is not any other sections just one stream? Thanks!
  13. Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found! (VTS_XX, VTS_YY) This image has not been mastered correctly for burning onto a double layer (OTP Track Path) disc. None of the cells meet the 'DVD-Video specification' criteria for a potential layer break position. Do I want to continue? After several hours, spent googling and reading forum threads, I still don't understand what sense this threatening warning makes. If I continue the DL disk seems, like has been burnt normally. It's a 7.5GB DVD-V ISO - states Imp ID: Nero I guess it means that the ISO has been created with Nero. Is there any better way to burn this ISO, then just to continue? :-) Thanks!
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