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  1. Since updating to Ive noticed a considerable drop in the read speed when I create an Image from disc. What used to take <30 mins now takes well over an hour. Is there anyway to force the read speed higher to cut the time? The discs were all orignally burnt via IMGburn and verified ok but as I say it used to take 30 mins on average on earlier versions but since update has gone to a crawl. Its about as quick as 1:1 real time copying. Sucks quite frankly. I know that making Images etc at 1x speed is supposed to be the best/most accurate way of doing this but Im not interested in that tbh. Worked fine at good speed before updating so why has it suddenly gone "back to analogue" on the speed front. Any advice welcome. Thanks.
  2. Thank you. This time Im gonna make a note so I dont forget it.
  3. Hi, have just built a new system and reinstalled all apps etc. After installing Daemon Tools Im getting the "detrimental effect on drive performance." message on IMGBurn start. I know theres a way to get IMBurn to ignore this as I have done before but I cant remember where it is and Forum search is pretty much useless. Could anyone jog my memory? Thanks.
  4. Its a damn fine bit of software, regardless. Sorry if I insinuated that your code had a bugged install. Looking back I think what happened is that the Firewall kicked in, delayed everything and as you stated Id probably hit the next button while it was waiting for input.
  5. Ok, Ive managed to remove it. Basically, the reason it did not uninstall is because I wasnt using Windows default Add/Remove. I use a third party Add/Remove as it gives more options and does better clean up. Strange that the Ask Toolbar only adds remove options from Windows own Add/Remove and not others? Anyway, thank you for your time.
  6. Gah! This thing just takes you round in circles! It thinks youre trying to install when you actually want to uninstall. Again no Remove option. Modify just trys to reinstall.
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply. Have been trying to uninstall from Add/Remove apps, as its there as Ask Toolbar. There is no option to remove (as I can see) under IE or FF.
  8. Hi, have just d/loaded ImgBurn (updated from I installed while connected to the Net and now I have an unwanted ASK toolbar that cannot be removed. The Installer froze while I was trying to uncheck the Ask options, but then continued and I wasnt able to uncheck anything. Now Im stuck with this gunk. I go to uninstall Ask Toolbar but all I get is Modify or Repair options with no option to Remove. When I use the Modify dropdowns to select "This feature will not be available" the uninstall fails everytime, so Im stuck with it. What on earth... Please advise.
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