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  1. I know you must disable sleep when burning but shall i disable option (turn off harddisc after 10 minutes) and shall i turn off option (usb selective suspend setting)
  2. the file .dvd work when opened with imgburn shall i change it even if it the .dvd file open the .iso file i think i shouldnt change it
  3. this is the name of the game file Need For Speed Shift [MULTI5][XBOX360][PAL][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM].dvd and Need For Speed Shift [MULTI5][XBOX360][PAL][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM].iso when i open .dvd file with notepad this what inside LayerBreak=1913760 vts-nfss.iso is this ok shouldent the name (vts-nfss.iso) be (Need For Speed Shift [MULTI5][XBOX360][PAL] [WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM].iso) is there anything wrong
  4. i have the image its .iso and .dvd in the .dvd there is the layer break settings shall i change option in imgburn for layer break from optimal to specified and enter layer break settings or i burn image without changing settings will it burn the image from layer break settings in .dvd file
  5. imgburn is very better than clonecd when dumping disc clonecd have errors and not working cd even if the program not reporting errors clonecd could have errors when you burn
  6. can imgburn not finalize cd or dvd image if i not finalize dvd does xbox 360 games work if i add another files does xbox 360 games work
  7. the virtual burner can burn on dvd+ dl i burn in virtual burner with dvd+ dl but they dont ask me the question here is the program http://www.virtualcd-online.com/
  8. i want to burn image on dvd+ dl first layer the image is activate iso for xbox 360 the size is 253 mb i want to burn it on dual layer disc only in the first layer i tried program virtualcd its a virtual burner SEE here http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/topic/95137-ixtreme-16-activateiso-tutorial-pics/ in number 7 i must be asked to be burn in first layer or not but i not asked i use virtualcd it imitates dvd burner well in the physical drive i be asked or the same thank you i hope you understand what i saying
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