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  1. I will definately try v2 out. I do like the app, and I can let you know if it works any better for me on this. Money is kinda tight for me right now so I won't be upgrading my hardware anytime soon, but my laptop is still goin good enough for me right now. I just keep this one around for older gaming and storage. I tried changing write types too already but didn't work for me. Anyway, I'll keep checking back now and then for a new release, thanks again for helping figure out this problem.
  2. IMGBURN.log Ok, here is the log file. I'm taking a guess that my drive doesn't support this type of file burning like you mentioned.
  3. Ok, I've still not figured it out, but I'm gettin ready to give it another shot. But anyhow, here's some info It's a BIN & CUE file Sectors: 320,412 (MODE1/2352) That's pretty much the only info I can get to at the moment since it's not detecting my drive. Before, the window on the right was full of info, but nothing now. I've thought about just downloading the trial of Alcohol to get this done, but I would really rather figure out why this isn't working. Thanks again for the support, I'm gonna go get crackin on this thing and hopefully I'll get it working. EDIT ADD:: Good news. I went to the FAQ topic with the ASPI error, and first, I tried doing it manually, but for some odd reason I didn't have the APIX or whatever it was, so I went ahead and downloaded the reg fix and now it's finding my device once again, but I'm still getting the cue sheet error again.
  4. Reinstalling was one of the first things I tried after it stopped detecting my drive. Figured maybe it would refresh/redetect system stuff, well ya know. It didn't work though. I'm gonna quit on it for now and try again Sunday. Also gonna ask around to see if anyone I know might know how to fix this even though I'm usually the one they always come to with the questions. If I'm not too tired tomorrow I'll give it another shot. lol. I hate when I can't figure something out cuz then I won't let it go till I do. I'm sure it's all I'll think about at work tomorrow. Grrrr
  5. Well, I tried a few other things. And ummm, IMGBurn is no longer even detecting my drive. lol. I found an update for my ASPI, ran the update, and now my drive isn't showing up in the app. It still works any other way, but for some odd reason just isn't showing up in IMGBurn. Sometimes I regret ever getting into computers. Then I end up kicking myself when I find out how easy the solution to the problem is. Anyways, here is the message I'm getting now.... I 18:51:48 ImgBurn Version started! I 18:51:48 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition I 18:51:48 Initialising ASPI... I 18:51:48 WNASPI32.DLL - Adaptec's ASPI Layer - ASPI for Win32 (95/NT) DLL - Version I 18:51:48 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... W 18:51:48 No devices detected!
  6. Ok.. Well, I attempted changing from DOA to TAO(Incremental), neither of which worked. I did continue messing with many other settings with no luck.. Although, I did the google search as mentioned, (Can't believe I didn't think to google) and apparently my problem isn't with my Burner, I'm using BIN files which I guess aren't supported yet. I hadn't thought about that since BIN was in the list for "File Association" types in IMGBurn. Does this mean it might be supported in future releases? Either way, thanks for the help. PS- Yeah, it's a pretty old PC, still running WinME on a P3/933. Still runs great though even for WinME I may try transfering the files to my laptop and see if I can burn the files from there since I've burned everything put through it with no problems.
  7. Hi, I'm still kinda new to IMGBurn but I do like the app so far, it works perfectly on my laptop. However, I'm having some problems on my desktop pc. I keep getting an error everytime I try to write an image. I've searched the forums and only found 1 other topic with this issue, but the creator never replied to the person with the exact error message, so here is my message... I 20:48:09 Source File Application Identifier: CDIMAGE 2.39 (12/04/97 TM) I 20:48:09 Destination Device: [0:0:0] MITSUMI CR-4804TE 3.0D (M:) I 20:48:09 Destination Media Type: Unknown (FAILED!) I 20:48:09 Destination Media Sectors: 371,075 I 20:48:09 Write Mode: CD I 20:48:09 Write Speed: MAX I 20:48:09 Test Mode: Yes I 20:48:09 BURN-Proof: Enabled W 20:48:09 BURN-Proof is not supported! E 20:48:09 Failed to send Cue Sheet! E 20:48:10 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:01 I 20:48:10 Average Write Rate: N/A - Maximum Write Rate: N/A Can anyone please help me with this? I've updated my firmware for the drive but still no luck. The PC is pretty old in PC years But I don't usually have too many problems with anything. I've messed around in the settings a little bit, just some trial and error, but I don't exactly know what everything means, so luckily there's a restore default button. I'll continue to try and figure this out on my own until someone can help.
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