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  1. "Well, if you're looking to use a robotic device, you're out of luck as I don't think it would really work." Ok. "You'd need to load each ibb in turn and create a disc image, then use the queue in Write mote to burn them all using your robotic device" If you wish backup Files of your library to Blue Ray it is not really practicable to create a Image/ ISO Files before. You need Space and Time! The "ibb" File is flexible the Image not! Can you add the batch support for the "ibb" Files please? (as example behind the "write image Files to disc" Menu) Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your Message, can you post me a Sample Please ? (with setting of Burning speed) Many Thanks!
  3. Hi, how can i burn a lot of "ibb" Projects as batch? Thanks!
  4. Hello LIGHTNING UK! Do you need some more information? Best Regards
  5. Hello LIGHTNING UK! , i have send a E-MAIL to you with the Status Command Report. The "V" Command Display problem is now solved Many Thanks!
  6. Hello LIGHTNING UK! , i have send a E-MAIL to you. (BetaTest) Thanks!
  7. Hello LIGHTNING UK, i do not know the Cube robotic. You can find the needed Information about the Microboards and the Mediatechnics as pdf and the communication log attached. I prepare the access incl. Video. Please let me know when you need it. For better imagination i have attached pictures. Do you need more information? Note* The most Burning Software with Robotic support haves a helpfully "Robotic Diagnostic Tool" Its not a big Thing. Softkey for Calibrate, Load, Unload, Reject. A cycle Function Loads a Disc to Drive ->Try Close -> Tray Open -> Unload. You can test "DRY" the Funktion without make a real Job. Its a good Thing Thanks! Controlling of Mediatechnics.pdf Controlling of Microboard.pdf Mediatechnics.LOG Microboards_MicroOrbit.LOG
  8. Good Morning LIGHTNING UK, now the first Information. Please see the Files Many Thanks Note: The current E-Mail Address is correct Scrible_Commands.LOG Controlling of Amtrem.pdf
  9. Hello LIGHTNING UK, thanks for your support! Please let me know how can i help! If you need more information - let me know! If you wish i can sen 1 or 2 "small" Robotics to you (Microboards KDK-1000 / Amtrem Elite Micro) or I can give you full access to a PC with the connectet Robotic via teamviever. Many Thanks !
  10. Hello LIGHTNING UK yes i have seen the problem. Please let me know your suggestion for the support of the "generic Robotics" Note* The "Original Robotic software" use ever a combination of the :V and C command V ; robot identifies + init. the Controller Board C ; Calibrate the Robotic if the response X after the "C -Command" the robotic is ready to Work Thanks!
  11. Hello LIGHTNING UK today i have logged the communication between the Robot and Imgburn. Please see the attached logs. Two different Robots i have used. 1. MF Digital Scrible 2. Amtren Flexwriter The Robots are connectet with a real RS232 Cable! Not a virtual Com Port. You can see the problem on the log´s. For comparing you can see a log with the Hyperterminal and Commands by the Keyboard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Suggestion for a real "generic control" -You add a "Generic Robot - com port" to the I/O settings - The Settings for the Control are stored on a "config file" in the ImgBurn program folder. - the config file contains: - Comport settings - The control strings for the Robotic (Load, Unload, reject, etc....) - Timeout time setting - As reference you can use the current Vinpower settings Now its easy to change the commands for some other Robotics. I have all major Robotic manufacturer in stock (serial controlled) -Amtrem -Microboards -Rimage -MF Digital -Mediaform -R-Quest -Media Technics -All Pro -Vinpower (not the cube but the "Titan" If you wish i can make for each one a working "config File" + PROS of this solution - ImgBurn can control every serial controlled Robot - No IMGBURN rebuild for a new supportet robotic - easy to add a new robotc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think? scrible_img.LOG Scrible.LOG Amtren.LOG
  12. Hello LIGHTNING UK i think its clear that can only work the VinPower Robot! I have ask you : How does know Imgburn thats the Vipower Autoloader is connectet? (Searching for Auto Loader devices.....) (Please correct me if my message not right) ImagBurn does polling every com Port to open a serial Connection starts with comport one. Is a connection establish ImgBurn try to read the Robotic Board ID (Core Command is V) Does the received Bord ID match with the Vinpower Board ID witch IMGBURN knows - IMGBURN can display 1 Vinpower Autoloader found! Any Robot typ haves your one Bord ID. If you try ImgBurn with a other "Gerneric Robotic" you must clear the ID Match with Vinpower. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the message! Fine that´s Imgburn check all system Com Ports! Here is the Log: I 21:14:18 Searching for Auto Loader devices... I 21:14:18 Initialising Device (\\?\acpi#pnp0501#4&61f3b4b&0#{86e0d1e0-8089-11d0-9ce4-08003e301f73})... D 21:14:19 ReadFile(COM) Failed! - Reason: NumberOfBytesRead == 0, Last Error: 0 (0x00000000) - Der Vorgang wurde erfolgreich beendet. D 21:14:19 Vinpower Robot Information - Name: 'Kommunikationsanschluss (COM1)', Successful: No, Error Code: 4278190081 I 21:14:19 Initialising Device (\\?\ftdibus#vid_0403+pid_6001+ftn19nova#0000#{86e0d1e0-8089-11d0-9ce4-08003e301f73})... D 21:14:20 ReadFile(COM) Failed! - Reason: NumberOfBytesRead == 0, Last Error: 0 (0x00000000) - Der Vorgang wurde erfolgreich beendet. D 21:14:20 Vinpower Robot Information - Name: 'USB Serial Port (COM3)', Successful: No, Error Code: 4278190081 I 21:14:20 Found 0 Auto Loaders! I 21:14:20 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... Note: The Robotic use a fti USB to Serial Converter.(virtual com Port) Setting is 9600 8N1 no Flow Control Have tryed Connection via Hyperterminal works fine! FlexWriter-Micro V2.9 X Thanks
  14. I have tryed a Amtrem Flexwriter Robotic (Comport 3) and set the Vipower Autoloader Logfile:Found 0 Autoloaders!
  15. That's fine ! Read imgburn the Robotic Board and FW Version (Core Command is "V") bevore Init. the Robotic (Core Command is "C") ? Witch com port setting are used? 96008N1 ? Can you send me the current commanset ? Thanks!
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