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  1. Yes, I still get the same error, and I also get the same error when putting it back to SPTI. There is nothing left on the screen when I exit out of ImgBurn. When ImgBurn exits is when I receive the error.
  2. Here's what my I/O settings looks like: I am running M$ Windows XP Pro w/ SP2 & all latest patches & updates. My DVD-RW drive is a TDK DVDR0404N.
  3. I am using ImgBurn v1.3.0.0. The images burn fine, but when I shutdown the program, I get this error each time: I believe this all started because after a burn completed about a week ago, I ejected the disc while ImgBurn was re-reading the disc information due to the burning process just completing. However, now even if I just open the program and exit out, I will receive the error above. I'm sure rebooting will stop it from happening but I thought I should post about it.
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