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  1. Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I just wanted to add my two cents on the issue. I have Vista Ultimate 64-bit, and I was experiencing the same issue as dequadim. As it turns out, WinDBG was reporting an aac_parser.ax file as the last thing to be loaded (ProcMon confirmed the location of said file to be in my SysWOW64 folder). After setting windows to show protected system files, adding a .bak to the filename has ImgBurn functioning now. Can anyone explain how the file got there, and then why it's causing imgburn to freeze up?
  2. Those sneaky bastards I guess instead of giving people the option to screw themselves over, now they just do it themselves
  3. I know I didn't install any "security software". (I know the difference between good and bad in that area ) I was thinking that the malware had been misteakenly built into that distribution of Imgburn, thus passing the MD5 shown to us. Although, that reminds me, Firefox received an update just that afternoon, so perhaps a security hole has been discovered and exploited already. Yikes, just the thought of a drive by download... Well, fortuantely, the image I was burning was that of a Puppy linux distro, so I think I'll boot that up and run a scan. Thanks for your reassurance evryone; I must have gone to an infected website coincidentally while I was installing Imgburn. May Imgburn live on
  4. I don't really know what the heck happened. ImgBurn told me there was an update when I launched it, so I followed to link, (of course, it was legitimate) and I chose to download from the first mirror. So I installed it, then started to burn my image. After that, I knew I was hit with something - fake antivirus "scans" started popping up everywhere. Something attempted to open firefox to a malicious website, and fortuantely, Windows Firewall managed to block a rogue version of explorer.exe. So I wonder; what the hell happened? Did an infected version of Imgburn get distributed to that website? (BetaNews) Here are some screenshots to show what was going on:
  5. You don't need to keep copying the link. I thought it was as simple as making a plug in, but no, I'm not able to make an entire program
  6. Yes, yes, but ImgBurn doesn't seem to have an SDK I can work with.
  7. Well, originally, you gave the impression that it was too much work... which it doesn't seem to be, but whatever. I don't know how you've come so far with a program like this, then act like you won't touch a compiler for the rest of your life. And it seems like so far, quite a few people would like it. Minus the same views by the same people, and search engine spiders, I would image this thread has at least been viewed by 15 different people.
  8. Lol, someone had to make an extension? I mean, no, I don't know C++ that well. Could Vb.Net perhaps work as an extension? Maybe I could whip something up, if that's possible. EDIT: Nope, plugins aren't going to happen. So this feature idea just needs to get some steam.
  9. Mount the image file and drag the contents to the advanced build window and you can add/delete stuff as you want and then build the new image file. Eeeeuuuhhhh... A built in editor would be much nicer And Lightning UK, I'm sure Visual C++ (if that's the IDE/Language you're using) has a very simple built in module for adding explorer menus. In fact, right on Microsoft's very own MSDN library, there's a tutorial for shell context menus in explorer. I see that you're already proficient with the windows registry, so this should be a breeze. Never thought I'd be telling the creator this, but google is very helpful
  10. I love that idea, it's about time it gets implemented Actually, comming from 7-Zip, it would be nice if there was an option like save image file as..., and then all you have to do is type in the file name. EDIT: Oh, just had an idea, it would also be nice if we could edit an image file, I.E. add and remove files from it.
  11. I think something similar was posted awhile ago, but since I know old-topic-posting is generally verboten, I'll make another one here. Anyhow, I think something very useful for ImgBurn would be an Add select files to image file..., at which point, we would get to choose what to do with that image file. I myself is more saving them than burning them, so hopefully a process can be created to speed that up. I recall in the previous thread I read, there was a Registry settings section where one could add this functionality. I checked it, and every check box is checked. I believe that was for the Open with... option, which does not appear for all files, namely .exe files.
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