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  1. Doesn't what? The installer asks whether to install the Uniblue ads, but not the Ask Toolbar, then it starts the Ask Toolbar installer component which proceeds to phone home. Have you?
  2. In pursuit of affiliate marketing commissions, some unscrupulous software distributors bundle crapware with their programs and attempt to sneak it past insufficiently paranoid users during installation. This sucks, but I (begrudgingly) accept it as a fact of life. ImgBurn, though, goes one step further - it launches the Ask Toolbar installer without asking or even notifying the user first. This is evil. It is a violation of trust I, the user, placed in you, the software author and distributor. It is also a violation of your published privacy policy. It is sad to see a programmer disposing of his reputation in such a manner. I no longer plan to use ImgBurn or your other future programs.
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