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  1. You have summarized the solution to the problem very well, LIGHTNING UK!. Thanks. As for the problem, those who face similar problems should check this thread.
  2. Just got a brand new LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22NP20 2.00 (ATA) by exchanging it with the LG GH22NS50 SATA one for 15$. And it works perfect. Apparently my motherboard ASUS P5RD1-VM supports RAID + SATA, which the former DVD writer does not like (I guess that's the reason LIGHTNING UK! told me to get the non-RAID card). Also I apologize I have not said this earlier, but a million thanks to LIGHTNING UK! and others who have helped me. And more infinite number of thanks to LIGHTNING UK! for making such a great program (After all, Imgburn was the ONLY software which could write most, about 90% of the DVDs successfully using the previous drive and it helped me a lot.). Not only for that, it is THE best burning software available. Also I have a question for LIGHTNING UK!. I would like to post the details of this error, how to resolve it, and everything I've learned from all this. This would help other users facing the same problem. The question is, should I do it in a separate post in this thread, or make a separate thread for this?
  3. I know it would be a lot cheaper. Exchanging this one for an LG IDE costs me around 15$. Even then, it is quite a hassle to buy online from eBay in India. Also there are no retailers here who keep this particular product. So I don't have much choice. Nevertheless this will work, right?
  4. Sorry if I am bumping this thread, but my question is related to this. Actually I was thinking if replacing the SCSI drive with an ATA drive, as my LG ATA CD Writer has no problems writing CDs and the problem seems to lie in my motherboard not supporting SATA optical drives properly. Can this work? Is this worth a try?
  5. Sorry I have already checked there. But its very very sketchy. All that's written there (along with a diagram showing where the ports are located & the significance of the 7 pins, which are same for all the 4) is: "Serial ATA Connectors (7 pin SATA1,SATA2,SATA3,SATA4): These connectors are for the SATA signal cables for Serial ATA Hard disk drives." Wait, for "Hard disk drives" Only? What does that mean? Does it mean that Optical Drives are not compatible or something? I don't understand. If only the whole manual was a bit more detailed.... Please help.
  6. I see. Thanks a lot. Also that mix-up was a result of me typing carelessly lol. BTW I am curious about one thing. I saw that 2 of my SATA ports on Motherboard were Red & the other 2 were black. Can you tell me the difference or a place where I can learn more about them?
  7. As you said, I tried getting that model of PCI to SATA card. However, in India, there did not seem any shops which were selling the ones with Sil2512 or Sil3115 chipset. Only one model seemed to be available and was manufactured by Enter (http://www.entermultimedia.com/pci_satacard_2port.html). Having no choice, I bought it. It turned out to be Maxtor SATA/150 PCI Card. When I first installed it, while booting it said: "Detecting...... No Device found! BIOS is not installed." Then it proceeded with normal booting. Next I installed latest drivers from the CD provided. After that it gave a new device called "Promise SATA Console SCSI Processor Device" which has no drivers for it. According to Seagate support (Maxtor & Seagate are one now), it'll disappear when external device is connected. After shutting down the machine, connecting the drive to it, while booting, now it shows: "Detecting........................... Warning: The BIOS did not find proper hardware configuration. Please check system again!" After that it simply won't proceed with boot. I had to disconnect the SATA cable to make the message go away and restore the previous "BIOS not installed" message. At least I can boot into Windows then. I read somewhere just now that this card does not support optical drives at all. Is this true? Please reply ASAP as in that case I'll have to return the card. Ad if that is not the case, what's the fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  8. I see. Thanks a lot. But I also have two SATA HDDs. Do I need to connect them using the card since it seems like a problem with my motherboard's bus? In that case I'll have to buy the 3114. Or is it OK to leave them as they are? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  9. Do you mean one of these two cards? http://www.siliconimage.com/products/product.aspx?pid=29 ( SiI3512 - PCI to 2 Port SATA150 SATALink 2-Port PCI Host Controller) OR http://www.siliconimage.com/products/product.aspx?pid=28 ( SiI3114 - PCI to 4 Port SATA150 SATALink 4-Port PCI Host Controller) I think the PCI to 2 Port SATA150 card will do for me. But I wish to know whether these are the ones I am looking for (card with flashable BIOS chip & non-RAID BIOS, which I read somewhere is known as "SATALink"). Please let me know soon. Thanks in advance.
  10. I see. Well then I shall try installing an Image PCI SATA controller card (jmicron/silicon if possible) and see if it works. Then I'll post the results here. Anyways, thank you very much for your help & support.
  11. Does this mean either I have to buy the Image PCI SATA controller card or a new motherboard? Is there nothing else I can do?
  12. Oh, now I understand what the bus reset error is. Thanks a lot. BTW, I tried installing an older version of the firmware (TN01, as compared to the latest version TN02, whichh according to LG adds only "Windows 7 support", and I am running XP SP3), but it did not work. I think I'll revert to the latest version. As for the silicon PCI card, its the first time I've heard of it. As for any ideas as to what's causing the timeout, I have no idea what it could be. Can anyone give me an idea on how to solve this? It would be a lot of help. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Just finished upgrading the firmware. And I don't think jmicron/silicon PCI card installation is possible for me. So I would be glad if alternative ways are suggested.
  13. I tried moving the drive to another port as suggested. I moved it from the red to the black SATA port on my motherboard. Then I reset my BIOS settings to defaults. Now I see that while booting, the LED of the drive blinks a few times, a thing which it had not done before. However, burning after changing ports did not help. Again the burn failed. After that 2 DVDs again burned successfully. Next I tried burning with Deepburner free portable. After writing 2 or so DVDs successfully it gave the error: 62900 UNIT ATTENTION (POWER ON, RESET, OR BUS DEVICE RESET OCCURRED) I tried searching the internet with this error (I think this is THE error which has been causing so many coasters for me, its just that Imgburn failed to generate it. But the error was same for Nero & other burning software too.) but could not find any working solution. I have not changed the cable yet, will try it within next week. But can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?
  14. Finally I managed to get hold of a screenshot while burning (please see the attachment for it). Unfortunately I had to use my LQ camcorder as the machine would not respond to take it, so I apologize for the bad quality. Also I wish to make some things clear: 1. I have had this problem for about one month now. It all started when my old & nonworking LG IDE DVD Writer was replaced by the SATA one, LG GH22NS50. 2. While using other burning programs such as Ashampoo Burning Studio Free, CDBurnerXP, Nero 9 Lite, it gave error messages. If required, I can post the Nero log for it. But in Imgburn, though the same error occurs, the system cannot come out of freezing, it stays like that until I reset it. 3. Sometimes it writes 4 or 5 DVDs without error one after another, sometimes it simply fails. On an average every 2 of 10 DVDs I burn fail with this. 4. As for trying it on another computer, unfortunately I am unable to do that. However, I have changed the DVD Writer once (2 weeks after purchasing it) with the same model. However, the error remains same. 5. Even after I formatted my machine, the error remains the same. 6. I have checked my new machine for viruses. There are none, but the problem persists. 7. My drive firmware is up-to-date, factory default settings are loaded in BIOS, latest SATA drivers from ULi installed. Yet the problem persists. I would be glad if someone helps me out.
  15. Actually I had changed the burner two weeks ago with a new one. Yet the problem persisted. Moreover, the people at the place I bought it from said that the first one was not defective. Still they changed it for me. I had not used the previous burner with Imgburn, but still the error is the same while trying to burn using other applications (CDBurnerXP, Nero 9 Lite etc). Also it is a bit difficult for me to install it in another machine as I have not handled hardware before. So I think its OK to assume that it is a problem with my computer.
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