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  1. Thanks again for interest-Ive been independently testing a new DVDA authoring application and for testing, burning as 9660 ISO -mounting with Daemon tools-testing with Power DVD then burning image with imgburn for play on home theatre-so far flawless performance of all disk-I am hoping this $35.00 DVDA authoring system will renew interest in dvda for a few audiophiles(like a few million) and keep dvda alive-heres link to program-even a free trial--also link to a short review i posted(registration required but free and great surround site) thanks http://www.cirlinca.com/ http://www.dtsac3.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl...;num=1129067788
  2. Grain-Thanks for your interest-Im sure there are better players than mine but I bought as entry level DVDA player (for $62 )Vanns-Montana-because I have enjoyed multichannel-surround 5.1 audio and Ac3-DTS require digital feed to amp-PLUS they are both lossy formats--My system is dedicated pure analog for personal preference(to run all my equipment) DVDA is perfect for my needs and this player supports DVD,DVDA,Dolby Digial 5.1,DTS,SACD,CD,WMA,MP3, & Jpeg picture slide show,I might have missed something but for 62$ not too shabby-and believe me -DVDA puts all the other formats to shame, even using DD PLII decoder-especially on a few of my authored disk at 5.1 24bit 96,000Hz LPCM--DVDA also is very much improved & different than DD on a DVD movie-even on my cheapo player-so back to my question -is there a difference in recording DVDA?-Ive read many post regarding superior Burns using Gear Master Pro Mastering for compiled DVDA disk--and this program has a special setting for DVDA--I dont know why? thats why I ask-Yes- ingburn worked great for me-but Im still learning and hoped a master like Lightening could assist in my quest for knowledge---- and perfection-thanks
  3. Flame on--neither response addresses ISO standard for DVD-A which is the highest resolution audio available today with frequency threshold up to 192,000 for stereo and 96,000 for true multichannel 5.1-and to my knowledge has absolutely nothing to do with karaoke--and although special equipment is required ,a DVD player capable of DVDA playback and 5.1 surround amplifier,as well as discreet 5.1 channel speakers-the cost is minimal and well worth the expense if you enjoy the highest resolution audio available as I do-as for the DVDA format-stll going strong but does enjoy some risk due to competing formats funded by the big name recording corporations-read up on blue ray-sacd and HD-DVD-the wars continue-by the way all disk burned with imgburn worked flawlessly on my home theatre DVD-A player--(Toshiba 4960 can be purchased for (+=) $100.00 US) so I guess IMGBURN is fully compatabile with DVDA- very nice easy to use program for my needs-thanks-doccbst
  4. Ive used Imageburn to to burn images (ISO 9660)of authored DVDA (conversions from stereo to mulichannel high resoluton audio 5.1 @ 24/48) and it appears to work very well-my question is that some commercial burning applications have a special setting for DVD-A--is this really needed? or is there really any difference in settings for DVD-A as opposed to DVD-if so could this feature be implemented or adjusted within settings for program-thanks-- and as I said -it appears to work fine as it is-doccbst
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