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  1. Here's the pattern so far: when I create a cue file or try to burn an image from flac files using ImgBurn, it woeks great most of the time. When this happens, I notice the "analyzing files" status at the bottom of the tab moving through files very quickly - usually 3-5 seconds per song. When it takes a long time to "analyze" files (I guess this is where the software decodes the flac files), I always end up with the distorted disc. Sometimes, my ffdshow icon shows up on my taskbar while it's doing the slow analyzing. I think slow = bad decoding, at least in my case.
  2. Why would they need to be converted, they are decoded to raw audio and burned to disc, that's what the codec does (converting to another format would require using two codecs). I'm wondering if there's too much gain in the files, or maybe AC3Filter is adding gain? I don't know why AC3Filter would be used for flac, perhaps if you open AC3Filter config and under system change the filter merit. You may be on to something; it does sound like the gain is way to high. At any rate, I'm not sure what the software is or isn't doing, or what changed from a month ago, when I was getting great CDs from ImgBurn. BTW; I've been using Express Burn, and the CDs have sounded fine with that software. Maybe ImgBurn got fouled up somewhere?
  3. I'm not sure what you mean - I thought the software searched for specific codecs automatically.
  4. Maybe I need to take a step back and ask: do I need to even be using flac files to burn audio CDs? I know at some point, they have to be converted to .wav or MP3 to burn an audio CD. Is the problem likely when Image Burn performs the conversion prior to a burn? I'm guessing the default filter used for that step may be faulty, since this happens with multiple flac files from different sources, and the whole CD sounds evenly defective, as opposed to just one song. I have the AC3 filter package and the K-lite package on my PC; no other that I know of. I've tried to attach a screenshot of the audio rendering. GraphPad1.pdf
  5. I tried burning audio CDs from files which previously burned good copies; now they are distorted as well - so I am now completely incapable of making any useful audio CDs with Image Burn. Please advise; thanks.
  6. Thanks - I downloaded the madflac files, but I'm still having the same problem burning discs. Is there an install I need to do with madflac? When I hit the exe file in the download, it gives me an error.
  7. Thanks again for the help. I downloaded the DirectShow package from Microsoft, so I could have the GraphEdit. I dowloaded the AC3 Filter previously per the recommendation of someone on an audiophile CD burning forum (ditto for Image Burn). So - I'm still new to filters, so maybe I have too much software going on? Maybe I need to configure Image Burn differently? I recently uninstalled Divx; might this be the source of my current problems? If there is a better way to go from lossless flac to Image Burn to an audio CD, let me know.
  8. It just did it again with an entirely different set of files - another CD that sounds like chicken scratch, every song.
  9. Yes - it shows two tabs, one is called "Audio Renderer," and it displays info such as wFormat Tag, nSamples per sec, etc. They all have values. The "advanced" tab looks blank.
  10. OK, I didn't have GraphEdit; only Image Burn. That was the issue. So now that I have the software and rendered the flac file, what am I looking for specifically? When I rendered, it took the flac file and put it into the AC3 filter, then into the Default Direct Sound Device. What next?
  11. Thanks again - I guess I'm such a newbie at this that I am still confused as to how to fix the problem. I tried to open a file and use "render media file," but can't see where to do it. By the way, I obtained a redbook version of the same audio tracks, and they burned fine. So maybe there is an issue with the flac files. If you could guide me towards what I might need to do next,I'd sure appreciate it.
  12. I will try that. Although, all of the tracks on the CD sound identically flawed / distorted. As well, this has happened over the last couple of weeks with different flac files. This hasn't happened until now, and I haven't changed any of the default settings in Image Burn. So, it's not one track - it's and entire CD. In fact, I tried to burn two different CDs today, and the same thing happened all the way across both. It sounds low-volume and totally clipped out - every song. Also - when I play the flac files on Windows Media Player, or Media Player Classic, they sound just fine. It's only when going to CD that this happens.
  13. Thanks for the tip, but I'm not sure how to do that. The files are all flac files, with a cue sheet created by Image Burn. I usually just create a (or use the existing) cue sheet and burn from flac. Let me know how to use Graphedit - not familiar with that.
  14. Hello, This is my 1st post to the forum, although I have been using Image Burn for over a year now. Just in the last few weeks, when I go to burn an image (make an audio CD), the CD has come out with very distorted-sounding audio. This is after the software goes through the verify mode and says no errors. It's also random; I burned a CD last night, and it sounded fine. I'm usually going from CUE files. Again, this all worked flawlessly for the last year - so I'm wondering if my CD burner may be the problem. It's over 6 years old. Thanks in advance for your help.
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