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  1. yeah i miss ifo extraction, thats the only reason i still have dvd decrypter installed, i use anydvd to remove protection but i use ifo extraction so i can rip movies from dvd's and encode them to x264 to store on my pc, would be good if that was enabled if anydvd or similar has removed the protection.
  2. I thought the reason you stopped dvd decrypter was because of macrovision's threat of lawsuits against you? The law would allow certain people to strip the DRM, you could add a message saying if you are a documentary film-maker, professor etc then tick this tickbox to enable CSS removal.
  3. http://www.neowin.net/news/us-government-makes-jailbreaking-unlocking-and-ripping-dvds-legal This means we would be able to remove copy protection from dvd's for non-commercial usage, therefore Dvd Decrypter would be legal if the law passes and macrovision can't sue you! Will you be adding the features dvd decrypter has into imgburn if the law passes? I'd love it very much
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