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  1. Just using MS Internet Explorer on XP.
  2. Well...it would open. That's about it. The "check for updates" selection was grayed out along with some other menu choices. Then as soon as an attempt to click the mouse anywhere, you would get the old "this program not responding". Task Manager, shut down, and so on. Uninstalled Accelerator, then worked fine. P.S. Thanks for all the great programs. Love them all.
  3. Had my ImgBurn freak out on me yesterday. Messed around for a bit and found that the new Google web accelerator tool was messing with Img Burn. I don?t really know why, but figured I would bring it up and see if anyone else had a problem. I just uninstalled the accelerator. ImgBurn is way more useful. http://webaccelerator.google.com/
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