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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. But I tried the different values for "Detection Method" and still had no luck. FWIW, I tried it on three different drives. The Sony Optiarc and the Liteon iHAS124 I mentioned/used earlier and an old HP 9500 CD-RW (only) drive I forgot I had laying around. (It was attached via USB.) All of them ran into the hang. Except for the one time it didn't ... I happened to be using the HP 9500 at the time and the same thing which had happened previously in another drive with another disc happened again. I started a read but forgot to change the default filename ImgBurn chooses and for some reason the "Analysing Tracks" completed. It turns out that the default filename ImgBurn chooses can't be written to. (It's the "Files shared with me" drive on a LAN attached Pogoplug. I've never set that feature up.) So the read immediately failed after analyzing the tracks. However, after that read aborted I retried with the "correct" destination and ImgBurn got through the "Analysing Tracks" again and completed the read. Of course, when I ejected/reloaded and tried again it hung the same way it had all the previous times. It also continues to fail on my other drives. Strange problem. -irrational john
  2. Lord but you are easy to quote! No fluff to edit. I believe I was wrong earlier when I said ImgBurn was looping on a sector. Instead the "loop" appears to bounce between two sequential sectors. I'm attaching another zipped log file where I tried several times to extract an image of the same audio CD. I just started the operation, waited for the "hang", activated 'Debug Mode' for a bit, turned 'Debug Mode' off, and then canceled, ejected, & reloaded & repeated. I believe the log file shows ImgBurn doing CDB Interpretation: Read CD - Sector: 317553 a number of times and then switching to repeatedly doing CDB Interpretation: Read CD - Sector: 317554 before eventually going back to repeatedly doing CDB Interpretation: Read CD - Sector: 317553 This "bouncing" between two sequential sectors seems to be the pattern I see in the I/O Interface 'Debug Mode' messages when I run into this problem. All that changes on different audio CDs is which pair of sectors are reported in the debug log messages. FWIW the logs in this message are for a different audio CD than my previous post. When I ran EAC against this audio CD it reported "No errors". In other words, EAC found no unreadable sectors so this "hang" may not be related to an immediately obvious problem reading the disc. I'm also attaching a copy of the "No errors occurred" EAC log "just in case" it might be of interest to you. The problem always occurs before ImgBurn's "Recent Files" list can be updated. This is probably obvious to you, but figured I'd throw it out there in case the sequence of the processing helped narrow anything down. Hope this helps some. And thank you very much for looking into this. -irrational john AnalysingTracksHang2.log.zip EAC img extraction.log.zip
  3. I am experiencing the problem with ImgBurn (v2.5.2.0) hanging during the initial "Analysing Tracks" stage of a Read to create an image of an audio CD. There is no copy protection on the audio CDs I was trying to image. However I know from running EAC that there are unreadable sectors on them. So I'm not completely surprised that ImgBurn would have a problem trying to create an image. What does surprise/bother me is that ImgBurn just hangs and does not report any kind of read error. Also, FWIW I have been able to successfully extract an image using another, ah, less special utilility (UltraISO ). I've attached a zipped copy of an ImgBurn log file from when this happens. I tried to create the image file twice and ImgBurn hung each time. As suggested in another post I read I pressed F8 when the hang occurred. It appears that ImgBurn is just looping trying to read the same sector. The hang occurred with both a Sony Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S 1.03 and a LiteOn iHAS124 Y BL0V. So the problem does not appear to drive specific. Out of 36 audio CD's I tried to extract images from tonight I ran into this problem with 13 of them. FWIW, in one case I was eventually able to get ImgBurn to successfully extract the image after it initially hung while Analysing Tracks just by retrying the extraction a few times. In the case of the audio CD I attached the log for, EAC ran into uncorrectable errors while attempting to read track 4. Strangely enough, the ImgBurn "Read" hung both times I tried it while attempting to "analyze" track 11, not 4. Curious. Hope someone can help me with this. If you need more info, just ask and I'll try to provide it. Update: It appears I can reproduce the "hang" on those discs where it occurs simply by pressing the "View Media Information ..." button while in Read mode. Of course, there is no "Cancel" function available when I go that route so the only way to "unhang" ImgBurn is to kill it using the Windows Task Manager. <sigh> I also forgot to mention that I'm using Windows 7 64-bit. I suppose I could try doing the extraction in Win 7 32-bit if asked. (Though I'd be surprised if that was why I was having this problem ...) -irrational john AnalysingTracksHang.log.zip
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