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  1. Thanks to all. I have downloaded Macrium Reflect and will try it. It claims to be compatible with Windows XP, so I hope it will work ok. Thanks again.
  2. Hi I have searched the forum and FAQs and cannot find any suitable threads on this topic. Hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction. My Windows XP system has started to become unstable and I have had near heart failure a couple of times recently ! I am in the process of cleaning the register, clearing out files, defragmenting and other basic house-work, but above all else I really want to back up the Windows XP system before it is too late, in case anything more serious happens. I doubt if it is a hardware problem - probably too little memory (only 760 Mb.) - but the priority must be to do a back-up. I use ImgBurn regularly for backing up my data, and assumed that there would be some clues as to how best to make an image of the hard disc for back-up purposes, but I cannot find any guides on the subject. Presumably, I need some other software to create the image and then use ImgBurn to burn a DVD from it ???? I am only guessing that must be the way it works. So can anyone recommend a simple, preferably freeware, way to achieve this ? I am actually not quite that irresponsible - I do use Microsoft's Back-up utility to make a back-up onto a second hard disc, but recovering from that would still require me to re-install Windows XP in order to access the back-up, and I am not convinced that the recovery would be that good. So presumably am image would be much more reliable. Any help would be most appreciated.
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