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  1. Nothing new here, I've seen the multitudes of posts on this. In some of them LUK suggests multisession capability is a goal, though low-priority. That's fine by me. In the meantime I think it would be useful to mention the absence of this feature in the FAQ, or as a sticky note in the Suggestions forum. Disclaimer: Of course I know this is LUK's own program which he generously offers for free, and he's entitled to do, or not do, anything he wants with it. He can make it burn only on Wednesdays if he wants. Just as he's entitled to do that, I feel entitled to go to the Suggestions forum and add my voice to the hordes thirsting for this feature (I would have replied on an existing thread but found I can't -- maybe a new user thing?) LUK, thanks for a great program that is achingly close to being perfect
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