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  1. It would be great to have a "Limit to Single Instance" or "Reuse Existing Window" option so that multiple sequential calls to ImgBurn (AutoPlay for instance) will focus the current instance of the program rather than launch a new one. Why would this be useful? When I burn DVDs, I tend to make several in a row (I'm guessing this is a common usage scenario) and I would like to have "Build + Burn Image using ImgBurn" configured as the default AutoPlay action for blank DVDs. However, if I do this, after burning the first of a series of DVDs, when I insert another blank DVD, AutoPlay launches a new instance of ImgBurn instead of focusing the current instance. Having this option would allow ImgBurn to respond as expected / required when configured as an AutoPlay action.
  2. Thanks for the swift reply. Headed to the suggestions forum
  3. I'm running ImgBurn x64 on Windows 7. I have added "Build + Burn Image using ImgBurn" as the default autoplay event for blank DVDs. However, if ImgBurn is already running (as is often the case if I'm burning several DVDs in a row), inserting a DVD launches another instance of the program. Many programs give you the option of allowing only a single instance so that when autoplay calls it and it's already running, it focuses the current instance rather than launching a new one. Is this possible with ImgBurn?
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