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  1. First, a minor problem. ImgBurn uses the .ape extension for disk images, which conflicts with Monkey's Audio. Perhaps the disk image format doesn't originate with ImgBurn... nevertheless. For filetypes that may be associated with other programs (.flac, .wv, .ape, maybe others), I'd like to see in the installer the options to ignore the filetype, install a context menu option to open in ImgBurn, or associate it with ImgBurn as a primary file type. In practice, I nearly always want to open .iso files in ImgBurn, and so would associate them. I would rarely want to open .wv files in ImgBurn, but I suppose I might find it useful enough to have a context menu item for the wavpack type "Open in ImgBurn" along with the existing "Unpack to WAV" and opening in various audio editors. And I just can't see associating .flac files with ImgBurn at all. If I fix these manually the program itself seems to work great.
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