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  1. I DO appreciate the replies, but I wish someone would read what I am trying to do! I can select files to create an .ISO file in IMGburn, so I am just wondering which group of files I need to select to get a specific "title" from the TV_Video file to do it! As I posted before, I already extracted the VOB files as a quick and dirty solution, but I would much rather create .ISO files, because they play better on the WD HDTV media player I am using. To be specific: 1) I can select the whole Video_TS folder to create an .ISO file with IMGburn correct? 2) IMGburn also allows for files to be selected to create an .ISO file correct? Then what files do I need to include to create a good .ISO ?? I do not think I have to reauthor the files, as I just want to know what files to exclude, so I can create a correct .ISO file. I thought that WAS one of the functions of IMGburn. Thank you.
  2. Unfortunately, I had a problem with DVD Shrink, and I went back to DVD Decrypter, to pull out the VOBs, even though they can not be fast forwarded or rewound on the WD HD Media player I am using. Time was of the essence to finish the project to have some home movies on HDD, for the family, and I did not want to spend time troubleshooting why DVD Shrink was hanging up writing .iso file even though the program would preview and analyze the tracks. . . If anyone has the ImgBurn solution, as far as which files I would needto select for extracting different tracks or home video segments, to create "MEDIA PLAYER" playable .iso files I would still like to know. If you read the original post, this does not have to do with creating menus, or reauthoring DVDs, but creating playable .iso files for use with a USB HDD media player that can be hooked up to an HD TV via the HDMI port. . . I am sorry if that was not clear in the original post. I have again attached a sample of a multi-session DVD of home video clips for clarifying DVD structure. Sample.pdf
  3. Hello! I am helping my brother with a project to take individual recorded sessions from Hi-8 that was converted to DVD years ago(such as taking out old girlfriend vacation titles, with titles with current wife). The discs do not have any copy protection, and have Standard DVD structure. If we want to take separate "clips" that are separate "titles" on a DVD menu, which set of files will I need to make an ISO file playable on one of the new media players that output to HDMI? So far it has been hit and miss with some files generating a playable ISO file, and others not being recognized. Do I just need the related numerical BUP, IFO and VOB for each separate "title" on the DVD menu, or do I also need to include any of the Video_TS files as well. Thanks. So far I have been indescriminate as to the files included, such as Video_TS or not. Before I generate more non usable ISO files, I need to find out what I need to do, so we can finish this project. Thank you in advance. See attached pdf screenshot of editor window for a typical multi-title DVD. Great program by the way!!! Sample.pdf
  4. Hello! Great Program! I have been reading existing home movie DVDs and converting them to .iso files to an external HDD for use with a WD HDTV unit, so we can watch on the TV when the relative visit for the holidays. I had been using DVD Decrypter, but the WD TV unit did not read the files correctly to use all of the features. Anyways, I did not have a problem with the program ejecting DVDs after it was done reading the DVD. On the "Device" menu, I am checking 'eject after' and 'read'. I am assuming that should be the correct setting, since I am doing a build and reading from the DVD. I have also tried the other options, one by one with no result after the 'build' to the HDD. It is not a big problem, since I just Right Click the drive icon and eject via the device menu. Just curious for future reference. I am using Win 7 32-bit Ultimate on a HP DV-5 laptop. I am not sure of the make of the DVD drive, since it normally gets picked up by most software I run.
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